Sunday, February 28, 2010

Saturday Night, You Know the Feeling is Right

So while my husband did laundry at his parents' house, I hung out at home watching some terrible movies (Harold the Duck) and some good movies (Dirty Dancing) on our Roku and scrapbooking. I'm kind of out of scrapbook paper right now except for my wedding paper, so those are the pictures that I scrapped. Yes, my wedding was almost one year ago and I'm still nowhere near to finishing my scrapbook. I did make a lot of progress last night.

The above is based on the LO "Having Fun" by boysmama. Below is based on "Sleepyheads" by 2lilbugs.

I got inspiration for the LO below from Mama2Ainslie's "Grandpa Larry" layout.

And then there is this one for the honeymoon album. Can you tell that I'm running out of paper? Good thing negative space is so hip right now. I LOVE LOVE LOVE those brown American Crafts thickers letters. I was at Michael's today and they have a whole endcap devoted to AC Thickers. I wish I could have bought them all!

What did you do last night?

Saturday, February 27, 2010

On the Backburner

My list of crafty projects to make just keeps getting longer and longer.

The first are these cute fortune tellers. You can buy them at Sycamore Street Press, but why buy them when you can make them? Wouldn't they make awesome invitations?

Then there are these fabulous embroidered Christmas cards over at What Katie Does!

I love the use of vintage books for these origami box ornaments from the Creatures Comforts blog.

Speaking of boxes, how cute are these exploding boxes? Open them up and get a picture surprise! Great idea from Ideas for Scrapbookers!

Everyone is doing paper flowers and I need to sit down with this Mosh Posh tutorial to add some pretty to my scrapbook layouts.

For weeks now I've been meaning to make this grocery planner from Design Sponge. I think it would really, really help us out when we do the food shopping.

And when we move, my first project is going to be this fabulous book wreath from Living with Lindsay.

I don't know where we'd put it - maybe in whatever room the bookcase goes. Although I like the placement of the wreath in this photo.

Is there anything on your list of things to do?

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Another Snow Day

I came across this cool list on a fellow scrapbooker's (and fellow Midwesterner) blog. I just had to participate in the fun!

5 things I am looking forward to: visiting my family in Missouri, moving - whenever that may happen, the weekend, Danae's birthday next weekend, getting my April Marie Claire - Heidi Klum is on the cover!!

5 things I did yesterday: went to work, scrapbooked, watched American Idol, made gluten-free pancakes, broke the strap on my umbrella :(

5 things I wish I could do: come up with a decent idea for a novel, read books and scrapbook all day, style my hair the way the lady at Ulta does it, afford to go completely organic, change the world

5 places I wish I could travel: I'd like to go back to London (30th birthdays?), Germany, Lord of the Rings tour in New Zealand, Martha's Vineyard, Hershey Hotel

5 things I've found online lately: A cool scrapbook challenge blog called Scrapping the Music, these adorable purple flats (size 7, please), this trailer for Waking Sleeping Beauty - a documentary about Disney's animation studio from 1984-1994, and the cool Scrap for a Cure scrapbook kit club. Buy me a kit and support a charity! ;)

What are your 5 things?

As the title of this post suggests, it's a snow day today. So I did some crafty things. A layout for a challenge at Sketchy Thursdays:

and some cards using scraps from my February Classy Coordinates Plush Pak:

Now, back to the last few minutes of this 24 episode. The hubby and I have started watching the show from the first season. Edge. of. my. seat.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Another non-crafty blog, but I just had to share this with you all. It comes from Oxfam International:

"In September the UN is meeting to discuss the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and we want you to show our leaders how it’s done. By making and keeping a promise we can send them a message that the MDG commitments must be kept.

Global leaders are breaking their promises to the world's poor. In 2000, they committed to halve poverty and reach eight Millennium Development Goals by 2015. But they are way off track. They’ve promised…

To make sure all children can attend a primary school. Yet today, 75 million children will not see the inside of a classroom.
To reduce the number of women dying in pregnancy and childbirth by three quarters. Yet every year, 500,000 women continue to die from preventable complications in childbirth.
To provide universal access to HIV/AIDS prevention, treatment and care. Today, at least five million people living with HIV still do not have access to life-prolonging treatment and care.

Now, more than ever, we need world leaders to keep to their word and deliver the aid that they’ve promised to poor countries.

The Big Promise is challenging world leaders to keep their promises to the world's poor. Make a promise today and keep it – and send politicians a message to make good on the commitments they set out not so long ago. Let’s show them how to make a promise and keep it.

Your promise doesn’t have to be big or daunting – just something you can keep. Something to raise a smile. And raise a voice. Do something a bit different; send a pledge from the edge. From more tea to a handstand a day, make a promise. Say it. Do it. Keep it. Share it with your friends. And show world leaders how it is done."

This is the link for you to make your promise. Even if you don't go to the website and make a promise public, you could make a private promise to yourself - just to educate yourself on the MDGs and the progress being made toward reaching those goals. You can go to the UN website here to learn more. We only have five more years to reach these goals.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Calling All Scrappers!

Want a chance to win? Sarah from Red Oak Lines is at it again! The goal is for Sarah to reach 50,000 page views by her birthday next month! All you have to do is go to this blog post and leave a comment saying, "Sarah needs to be at 50,000!" THAT'S IT! SERIOUSLY! And if you leave a comment, make sure to tell Sarah that Laurie from Cook Scrap Craft sent you!

So check it out for your chance to win a gift certificate to the scrapbook store of your choice. There will be two winners. How about one winner be me and the other can be you? :)

Monday, February 22, 2010

Get Glittery!

According to the March issue of Glamour, textured manicures are all the rage right now. (Although I find that taking off glitter nail polish is freakishly hard. Anyone else have issues or tips? I literally have to soak my fingers in a bowl of nail polish remover and even then I have trouble getting off the glitter polish.) If you're looking to glitter your nails but don't want to spend a ton of money to do it, check out this easy DIY glitter nail polish from Inspired Kara. Be your own nail polish creator! Make up fun polish labels and name your new color something really cool! Let me know what you come up with!

I haven't tried this yet (mainly because of my annoyance at taking glitter nail polish off my nails - see above) but I did just win a bottle of colored polish and a base/top coat from an Allure giveaway. Woo hoo! Nail polish is so fun!

Friday, February 19, 2010

My Life Would Suck Without You

For some reason I have Kelly Clarkson's "My Life Would Suck Without You" stuck in my head. It's not even a particularly good song and I haven't heard it recently but it just popped into my head and now I can't get rid of it. I think someone needs to get me that album so I can at least learn the words and sing the song correctly when it's stuck in my head. Also, I would like to be able to play Beyonce's "Halo" over Kelly's "Already Gone". Both songs were written by the same guy and you can totally sing the two choruses together. Just a little fun fact.

Not much craft-wise to share with you all. I thought I'd post a picture of my Valentine's Day gift from my husband.

(The laptop was not a gift, fyi.) I had to work on Valentine's Day but before I left, this is what I saw waiting for me on the kitchen table. There was a video I had to play on the computer that featured pictures of me and my husband set to the song we danced to at our wedding reception. :)

I also wanted to share a neat quote that I read in the book Surprised By Hope by N.T. Wright.

Forget those images about lounging around playing harps. There will be work to do and we shall relish doing it. All the skills and talents we have put to God's service in this present life - and perhaps too the interests and likings we gave up because they conflicted with our vocation - will be enhanced and ennobled and given back to us to be exercised to his glory.

I really enjoy reading books on religion because I'm always getting new insight. Surprised By Hope is a little tedious to get through (it would make great required reading for a college class or a really interesting church group discussion) but I think I'm understanding the main point of it. Though, a book that claims to give better understanding to something should probably not be kind of hard to understand. Am I right?

I also recently finished Good Book by David Plotz. Plotz read through the whole Old Testament and then wrote his responses to what he had read. I think it would be a good companion for someone who is actually reading through the Old Testament and again, another good church group/Bible study discussion book. You might not get sound, professional insights, but if you've read the Old Testament before, you will find yourself going, "I know! What was up with that?"

I've noticed that most books I've read about someone reading the Bible or living as the Bible prescribes (see The Year of Living Biblically) are written by Jewish authors and, therefore, only deal with the Old Testament. I have yet to find a book about someone reading through the whole New Testament or literally living out every single thing that the New Testament says. (If I'm wrong and there really are books like this out there, let me know.) Maybe this is because the New Testament isn't as outrageous as the Old Testament (incest, God-ordered genocide, not wearing clothing made of mixed fabrics, etc.) but wouldn't it be interesting to see what happens when one goes about actually living as Jesus wanted us to? What would happen if we all just showed love and acceptance to everyone? I wonder if I could pitch that book idea to a publisher. Hmmm. Don't go stealing my idea now! (Or if you do, thank me in the front of the book.)

Read anything good lately?

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Busy Busy Week

So this week has been super busy and it's only Wednesday. Toy Fair started on Sunday (yes, Valentine's Day. Yes, I had a one-day weekend.) and I was there until today (no, I did not get off for President's Day). I did get to meet Donny Osmond, Darryl Hannah, and Fred Armisen and Kenan Thompson from SNL. Kenan asked me where I was from.

"I live in New Jersey but I'm from Missouri."

"Do you like BBQ?" he asked. (Note, he was wearing sunglasses. Inside.)

"I do. But it's hard to find good stuff out here."

"You need to get yourself a Zagat."

We got to go home early today after the show because it's been a long week for us and there was another fire under our street (yes, another one) so there was no elevator service or heat. Oh well. When someone tells me to go home early, I don't complain!

It actually worked out well because I'm getting a cold again so I came home and napped for a bit. Thank goodness for Zicam and Cold-eeze. And did you know that Cold-eeze are gluten-free? Says so right on the package! Doesn't matter much because Mike never gets colds! It's always me!

Anywho, I wanted to share with you another scrapbook layout that I whipped up really fast last week using a bunch of scraps. I got the layout idea from the Imaginisce blog. I unfortunately am unable to enter the sketch challenge because I don't own any Imaginisce products. But I wanted to use the sketch just the same. Instead of using paper strips (as suggested in the sketch), I broke out a bunch of ribbon from my stash. Totally loving this LO and will definitely use the sketch again!

What have you guys been up to lately? I'm so behind in reading everyone's blogs!! (And watching Ugly Betty and Project Runway.) But hopefully I can catch up soon!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

@ Toy Fair volume 2

Met Darryl Hannah. She told me I had pretty eyes. She's co-designing a line of board games. Pretty cool.

Monday, February 15, 2010

@ Toy Fair

My hair looks poopy but this is me with Donny Osmond. (Mikey says my hair looks fine.)

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Scrapping on a Snow Day

I'm working from home today because our parking lot is snow covered and there's no way I can pull my car out and drive to the bus stop. Especially no way with snow continuing to fall and the roads continuing to be covered in the white stuff. I think it's supposed to snow until early Thursday morning.

But in between working and shoveling snow from behind my car, I'll be scrapbooking! I wanted to share some layouts that I did recently for a few challenges.

This first one is for the Day in the Life challenge over at the All About Me blog. It's also for the Sketch 51 challenge at The Scrappiest. Used up some scraps on this one and I really like how it turned out. I see a lot of strange and amusing stuff every day in New York (if you couldn't tell from my last blog post) and if I have my camera with me, I take a picture of it! This layout is just some of the random stuff I see on my daily walk to and from work.

This next layout is for two challenges also (I'm really multi-tasking here): The Sketch 50 challenge at The Scrappiest (I substituted a circle for the arrow) and the Cupid's Arrow challenge at Candy Shoppe Designs (hence the arrow substitution). Again, using up some scraps. I must apologize to my dad for putting pictures of him on a layout with pink and maroon paper, BUT I'm seriously running low on my paper supply and I really wanted to scrap these pictures using these two challenges. I'm not in love with this layout I think because of the papers I used BUT they are sort of old-timey and vintage, which kind of works for a layout about being on a big old vintage boat.

Alright, time to get to work! Don't forget, you can play along with these challenges just by clicking the links. Most of the deadlines aren't until next week so get scrapping!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Never a Dull Moment

Although sometimes I wish it was.

So I'm on the subway and sitting diagonally across from me is a man talking to himself and clipping his fingernails. Just letting those fingernail clippings fall to the subway floor. Nice, right?

Flash forward a few minutes and I reach my stop. I get up, walk to the door, and wait for the subway to stop and open the doors. Well, wouldn't you know it, but I chose to stand at the door next to fingernail clipper man.

"You have beautiful eyes," he rasps at me. "I'm not ashamed to say it. Those eyes are beautiful."

It's like, first of all, I know and I don't need sleazy men telling me this. And second, DUDE, I JUST WATCHED YOU CLIP YOUR FINGERNAILS ON THE SUBWAY! Am I supposed to be swooning over this unhygienic casanova and his creepy compliment?


I, of course, ignored the guy. I pretty much ignore everyone in this city, as a matter of fact, (even people I know... sorry Steve) but skeevy guys are No. 1 on my list of "people to ignore" even if they call me racist and tell me to go back to the Hamptons. (True story.) Gee, I love this city. :/

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Superbowl (Scrapbooking) Sunday

It's not that I don't enjoy watching football. I'll watch it. (Although I will complain about how annoying and stupid some of the rules of football are: "Where was his knee when he caught the ball? Where was his knee when he fell? Where was the ball when he fell? Even though he caught the ball and fell and STILL had the ball in his hands, that's not a catch because while he fell, the ball shifted in his hands." WHAT????? If you can't tell whether or not it is a touchdown, then it probably isn't. Move on.)

So anyway, I'm here at my in-laws' house waiting for the game to start but I brought along some scrapbook stuff (and magazines) to keep myself occupied when commercials and the half-time show aren't on. :) (We're also over here really early b/c our condo has an open house today so we can't be there.)

This first LO is one I did for two challenges: The red, pink, and white challenge at If the Shoe Fits...Scrap It! and the Scrapdango sketch contest over at Page Maps. You've seen these pictures before, but not scrapped!

I used up some stuff that's been in my stash for a long time. Although now it's getting harder b/c I'm running out of paper! But I'm trying to be good about not buying gobs of new stuff. *sigh* Can't wait until I get my February Classy Coordinates pak!

This next LO is also for two challenges: The picture/color challenge at Krafty Kat and the These are a Few of My Favorite Outfits challenge over at What is Your Favorite Thing? The colors for the first challenge were rainbowy and sort of neon, so I picked the brightest and rainbowiest colors I had in my stash. And because I lacked a picture of me in a favorite outfit, I decided to scrap Lady Gaga and her crazy accessories/hair pieces. (The idea for this LO came from the amazing Mama2Ainslie and her LO "You are Stunning." Check her out at

Yes, I wish Lady Gaga and I were best friends (although I think I would really rather be BFFs with Liz Lemon, but she's not a real person. Blerg!) and I'm always curious to see what the Gaga will be wearing wherever she goes because it's always entertaining and outrageous... and sometimes just downright wacky.

Well, enjoy the superbowl everyone! Back to scrapping!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

No Solutions

This is what I saw across from a Bank of America on my way to work the other morning.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

What We've Been Eating

First off, I have to direct you to the Mosh Posh blog because one of my scrapbook pages is on display. It's one that has already been posted here, but still. :)

Now onto our adventures in gluten-free food:

Gluten-free Biscuits:

The nutritionist gave us a bag of gluten-free biscuit mix and I figured it would be perfect for some homemade egg mcmuffins—biscuits, eggs, cheese, and bacon! The biscuits were really easy to make and they tasted good, too! A little thick, but that's come to be expected from gluten-free breads.

Meatloaf with warm potato salad:

This was our most recent dinner and I used regular recipes but just substituted bread crumbs with gluten-free bread crumbs in the meatloaf! Tasted the same. In fact, Mike said this was the best meatloaf I've ever made. The recipe for the warm potato salad is a Rachael Ray recipe. You can access it (along with a delicious turkey burger recipe) here. Makes a good summer meal.

Rice flour pancakes:

So we had breakfast for dinner one night! These turned out like regular pancakes but they were a little thicker than our usual Hungry Jack or Bisquick pancakes. I also thought the rice flour pancakes were a bit drier, but if you put some jelly or peanut butter or melted butter on top, that helps.

Gluten-free Penne Pasta with homemade Carbonara sauce:
I think I put too much pepper in the sauce (although I halved it b/c what the recipe called for seemed like WAY too much). So next time, no pepper! And probably no parsley or rosemary, either. This sauce is just perfect with grated Parmesan cheese, whole cream, eggs (yes, eggs), and crunchy, crumbled bacon.

Pepperoni and Cheese Crepes:
I didn't even bother taking pictures of these because they really weren't my favorite. Mike was a good sport and said he liked them, but I thought the crepes tasted too rubbery and kind of soggy. I'd never made crepes before and it was tough and I think I'd rather just splurge on gluten-free pizza dough and make gluten-free pizza bites.

Crispy Potato-Crusted Chicken:

Ruffles regular potato chips are listed as a snack food item that is naturally gluten-free. So we bought a bag and then I made this recipe out of our gluten-free cookbook. Sour cream, pepper, potato chips, rosemary, and thyme get spread on chicken breasts and then baked. Not bad!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Madly in Love with Me!!

No, I'm not being egotistical! I'm joining the movement at Madly in Love with Me! The whole concept of this website is "to reclaim self-love for every woman and girl on this planet, so that she may know what it is to be deeply loved, starting with the love she has for herself."

Did you know that 4 out of 5 girls will think about dieting before the fourth grade? Or that 1 in 3 women will be sexually abused? How about that 1 in 3 women will be in an abusive relationship before the age of 20 (and 80% will return to the relationship)? Did you know that 80% of women are so exhausted that they are headed for extreme adrenal gland fatigue (I actually read about this in Glamour or something a while ago)? Or how about that women surveyed today are no happier than woman surveyed in 1970, even though they have more equality, self-esteem and freedom.

I can't remember how I found this website, but it's really great! Created by the woman who wrote Choosing ME Before WE, the Every Woman's Guide to Life and Love Today (which I haven't read), this website dares women to fall in love with themselves! Just perfect for Valentine's Day, right? While I won't get to attend Madly in Love with Me Day on February 13, I still want to work hard to keep the vows in the Madly in Love with Me manifesta. So I made a scrapbook layout about it!

Just some of the vows in the manifesta are "to know my truest self, deeply", "make my happiness a priority", and "celebrate me". Self-love is not a luxury! Check out this website and start loving yourself today, too!