Monday, January 30, 2012

Scrappy Goodness

Not only did I discover a Tuesday Morning store (the store that had cheap scrapbook stuff) near my in-laws' house (which isn't too far from me), but I also got lots of scrappin' done over the past week. Here's a little sampling of what I've accomplished:

This is a two-pager based on a layout by Jill Cornell:

This is based on a layout by my mom! These are pictures of fallen trees and branches around our house after the snowstorm that hit the East Coast in October.

And this is one that used up the last of my "pet" paper that I got at Target a couple years ago. I created the layout before I had the pictures, so it was really easy to complete.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Studio Calico Sketch Challenge

I know. I was supposed to blog yesterday in keeping with my every other day tradition, but I didn't. So sue me. That means I owe you one and boy do I have lots of scrappy goodness to share with you. But first is a layout I did for Studio Calico's Sunday sketch challenge (which is due Monday).

I took some liberties with the sketch because I had to make it work with the pictures that I had. This uses Echo Park papers and stickers, Bazzill cardstock, My Little Shoebox letter stickers, Making Memories letter stickers, and some other stuff from unknown brands. These pictures are me and my co-workers at our holiday lunch last month. Go visit the Studio Calico blog to see the original sketch and, if you have time, you should enter the challenge for your chance to win some SC goodies.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Me in my 28th Year

This is a layout for a challenge at Burlap & Buttercups to do a year in review-type layout for 2011. I already had this idea in my head to do a layout using pictures from my 28th year of living (because from 0-1 is your first year of living), which was inspired by a layout from former Getting Scrappy With scrapper Kari Ann. And this challenge gave me the extra oomph I needed to get the layout finished up. My mom gave me this paper (I think it is American Crafts) that already had the colored grid and the word "me" on it. So I just added the pictures, a few embellies to keep it simple, and letter stickers. For the word "year", I used my new Xyron (a Christmas present) to turn the non-adhesive and very thin letters into stickers. That Xyron thing is awesome and perfect for letters like that, as well as other small embellishments that aren't stickers.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Scrappy Sunday

After a delicious Sunday brunch of chocolate chip pancakes, scrambled eggs, and bacon (from a restaurant), here is what I was able to scrap on a full stomach:

Most of these were done with Echo Park Life is Good papers. The first one has some My Little Shoebox Destination banner pieces on it.

What did you do on Sunday?

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Snowy Saturday

Well, it's snowing here today. The plows keep coming through and the snow keeps piling back up again. I was supposed to go to book club this afternoon, but it got postponed until next Saturday. So I'm here at home all day and I guess that means I'll have to clean the house scrapbook. :)

Here are a few really simple layouts I put together recently. This first one is based on a layout by Jenny Moore:

And these next two are based on layouts from Jill Cornell:

(This one is a two-pager.)

What's different about these layouts compared to others I've done is that I put these layouts together even before I had the pictures! Really, I was desperate to get some scrapping done, but I didn't have many pictures to scrap at the time. So I just cut out 3x5 or 4x6 or 2.5 x 2.5 shapes from white paper and used them as place fillers for pictures as I scrapped. I think it worked out really well! Have you guys ever done that - scrapped without having the pictures?

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Jingle Belles Sketch

Yes, that's right. I already have one of my Christmas cards for this year finished. Thanks, Jingle Belles!

The new challenge (which ends at 6pm EST on January 25) is to use the provided sketch to complete a card. Well, I finished my December Daily album and had some leftover scraps that were the perfect size for a card, so that's what I used to make this:

Of course there is only a placeholder for the picture at this point. It's way too early to pick out the Christmas card picture!!! But eventually I'll put that in. I'm actually thinking of making this sketch the go-to sketch for all my Christmas cards this year. I really like it and it was easy to do.

If you want to join in on the fun, head over to the Jingle Belles blog post to see the sketch, make your card, and then link up your work to that blog post. A randomly chosen participant will win a $15 gift certificate to Pixie Dust Paperie Shop. Pretty awesome prize and all for getting a head start on your 2012 Christmas cards! Can't beat that!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Chili Con Corny

This was the Chili Con Corny I wrote about from the Gluten-Free Recipes for Kids Cookbook! It was really good! And I love Fritos, so any excuse to use them in a meal is fine by me. We had lots of leftovers, though, and I think by the end of the week my husband was sick of eating chili. (He called it the chili that wouldn't die. Oops.)

Sunday, January 15, 2012

I Don't Love This

So last month, I tried a new hair thing. I read in Glamour magazine about pin curls to get "boing-y curls" so I thought I'd try it out. I wore my hair in pin curls while I went out running errands on a Saturday, but when I took out the bobby pins, this is what I got:

Not exactly the "boing-y curls" I was hoping for. It looked more like Shirley Temple got assaulted with a crimper. So, of course, I had to make a scrapbook layout about it:

I've been wanting to use the film strip for a long time!! So cool!! I also used up some scrap paper and letters. Most of the stuff on here is Valentine's Day stuff, but I was able to use it in a non-holiday way. Moral of the story: don't listen to the crap Glamour magazine tells you. Or hire a personal stylist.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Banana Ice Cream

Some of you may think it's too cold right now for ice cream, but if you can't wait until temperatures rise, here is an easy three-ingredient recipe for Banana Ice Cream that is healthy and delicious. "I hate cooking!" Missy says. "I'm forever watching food shows, and I'm fascinated by watching others cook. I, however, am no Rachael Ray. Ha ha!"

Here's what you do:
Cut a few bananas into small chunks and freeze them. Put them into the food processor and blend. Add some honey and peanut butter.


Again, a big thanks to Missy for being part of Cook Scrap Craft this month. Don't forget to check out Missy's blog, Little Nugget Creations, and her gallery for lots more scrappy inspiration!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Inspiration from Missy

While going through my sketchbooks, I came across one of Missy's layouts that I had never done before! So I decided now would be a good time to try it out. Here is Missy's original layout:

click here to view in Missy's gallery

Here is my take on Missy's layout: 

I angled my pictures and used some scraps from an old paper pad. I also folded a piece of fabric that I'd gotten in a giveaway package months ago to make it (sort of) look like a napkin. That seemed appropriate for a layout about a restaurant. 

(And seriously, if you ever find yourself in Williamsburg, Virginia, check out Second Street. That French dip sandwich was so good! And I'm in love with sweet potato corn chips. For some reason, those were only available on the gluten-free menu, but I asked if I could have them and they gave them to me.)


How will Missy's layout inspire you this week? Show us in the comments! And come back on Friday for, you guessed it, a recipe! In the meantime, don't forget to visit Missy's gallery and blog.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Getting Scrappy with... Missy!

click here to view in Missy's gallery
Welcome to the FIRST Getting Scrappy with... of 2012! We are starting the year off with Missy Whidden. Missy is the Weekend Warm-Up Coach at ScrapFIT and a design team member of Sweet Peach Crop Shop, Paper Thrills, and Challenge Me Happy.You can find out more about Missy when you visit her blog, Little Nugget Creations. She's also got a large gallery over at with lots of great-looking scrapbook layouts, so check that out, too! But first, let's get to know Missy a little bit better.

What are your favorite scrapbook manufacturers?
 I love Echo Park, American Crafts, My Mind's Eye, and DCWV. I love all brands, though, and tend to gravitate towards the patterns and colors rather than the manufacturer.

When did you start scrapping?
The summer of 2006 right before my oldest daughter was born.

Why do you scrap?
I love preserving memories, and I love being creative! I love the photography aspect and the challenge of making photos work in a layout.

How has your style evolved over the years? 
Oh, gosh! I used to just use deco scissors and stickers on every page! As time passed, I discovered inks, distressing...even simple things, like ribbon, brads,  and flowers. Once I got my Cricut, I discovered a whole new scrapbooking world! Now I have so many gadgets and trinkets. I never would have thought to use something like bubble wrap as a stamp five years ago! Just visiting blogs and seeing others' work has helped me realize what kinds of materials are out there.

Where else do you get your creative inspiration?
From others' work and blogs, and also from my photos. I love working with challenges and sketches, as well.

Do you have a favorite technique that you use on layouts or something that you think of as your signature?
I love distressing and inking the edges of almost everything. I also like to use buttons with twine tied in a bow on them.

How often do you scrap about yourself (or scrap pictures that you are in)?
Hardly ever! I ususally scrap photos of my girls, and sometimes I might be in a photo or two. My new scrappy goal is to scrap more about myself!

Where is your favorite place to scrap?
My craft room is my favorite place to scrap. I am able to leave things out in progress on my desk, so I'm scrapping throughout the day when I have moments here and there. I also scrap after the kids are in bed.

click here to view in Missy's gallery
My scrap room is actually our formal dining room. I have my big IKEA desk with my computer and the supplies that I use all the time - pens, ink, glue, etc. I have two big 5x5 cubby shelves against the wall that hold all my paper stacks and other supplies. I have a smaller table that holds my photo printer and Cricut. I have two cubes with six drawers on top of a filing cabinet, and a smaller wooden shelf that holds all my smaller things, like bling, small punches, some flowers, buttons, etc. I love having my own scrap cave!

Any tips on keeping all those scrap supplies organized?
I try to organize my papers by collections and color. Random papers are by color. I have so many loose sheets from random collections! I try to clean up my desk after every few pages and put everything back in its proper place. This helps me start my next page fresh. I also keep all my border punches in a door-hanging shoe rack. That way I can see them all and they don't take up shelf space.

Do you have any other crafty hobbies?
I enjoy altering picture frames or other things, like shadow boxes.

For blog readers who may live in the same area as you, are there any local scrapbook stores that you can recommend? 
I live in a super small town, and we have no local scrappy stores! Michael's is about it, and it's about 30 minutes away. A Hobby Lobby is coming soon to a town about 45 minutes away! I'm super excited!

Well, I just found out that you can order online at, which is great because I don't have one of those stores near me! What are some scrapbook items that you really, really want right now?
More Cricut cartridges and more paper collections!

Big thanks to Missy for being part of Cook Scrap Craft this week! Come back on Wednesday to see how Missy inspired me (and how she can inspire you). In the meantime, don't forget to visit Little Nugget Creations and Missy's gallery.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Gluten-Free Recipes for Kids Cookbook

For Christmas, we got the Gluten-Free Recipes for Kids cookbook. It's pretty awesome! Because the recipes are for kids, they are easier to prepare, which makes it great for weeknight meals. Take a look at some of what we've already made:

This might look like spaghetti, but it's not. It's Spaghetti Lasagna. SO GOOD!

And over here we've got a delicious tuna noodle bake:

Yesterday we had egg and bacon cups!

Tonight's dinner is going to be Chili con Corny: chili with Fritos! Yum!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Silly Storage

Here's another not-so-new idea. Am I the only one who saves the sour cream or cream cheese or butter containers? My husband looks at me like I'm crazy every time I clean one out, but they really do come in handy for all sorts of things! Right now I am using two cottage cheese containers to hold a small bit of chopped pecans and chocolate chips. 

I just wrote on top what I had inside and stacked them in the pantry. They are just the right size for smaller portions of leftover stuff. Do you do this, too?

Monday, January 2, 2012

Scrapbook Steals

Welcome back, blog readers! I hope everyone had a good Christmas holiday. I've got lots of pictures to scrap and some wonderful new scrapbook goodies! Can't wait to get started. Here's a look at some of the stuff I got for 50% off during my shopping trips last week.

The Bazzill cardstock pack and American Crafts Thickers were from Big Lots. Each was about 50% off the original price. Love it! I wish there was a Big Lots near us.

I got these great Making Memories letters and another pack of American Crafts Thickers for cheap at a store called Tuesday Morning. The Thickers were more than 50% off. Again, can't beat that deal! I don't have Tuesday Morning stores near me either. Humph!

If you have either of these stores near you, go check them out for great deals! There wasn't a lot of Thickers at either store (I happened upon the last few packs) but that's probably because the Thickers are so popular. You'd probably have to check back in once a week or whenever the stores get new shipments to see if you can find more of a selection. Where do you guys like to go for cheap scrapbook stuff?