Friday, February 19, 2010

My Life Would Suck Without You

For some reason I have Kelly Clarkson's "My Life Would Suck Without You" stuck in my head. It's not even a particularly good song and I haven't heard it recently but it just popped into my head and now I can't get rid of it. I think someone needs to get me that album so I can at least learn the words and sing the song correctly when it's stuck in my head. Also, I would like to be able to play Beyonce's "Halo" over Kelly's "Already Gone". Both songs were written by the same guy and you can totally sing the two choruses together. Just a little fun fact.

Not much craft-wise to share with you all. I thought I'd post a picture of my Valentine's Day gift from my husband.

(The laptop was not a gift, fyi.) I had to work on Valentine's Day but before I left, this is what I saw waiting for me on the kitchen table. There was a video I had to play on the computer that featured pictures of me and my husband set to the song we danced to at our wedding reception. :)

I also wanted to share a neat quote that I read in the book Surprised By Hope by N.T. Wright.

Forget those images about lounging around playing harps. There will be work to do and we shall relish doing it. All the skills and talents we have put to God's service in this present life - and perhaps too the interests and likings we gave up because they conflicted with our vocation - will be enhanced and ennobled and given back to us to be exercised to his glory.

I really enjoy reading books on religion because I'm always getting new insight. Surprised By Hope is a little tedious to get through (it would make great required reading for a college class or a really interesting church group discussion) but I think I'm understanding the main point of it. Though, a book that claims to give better understanding to something should probably not be kind of hard to understand. Am I right?

I also recently finished Good Book by David Plotz. Plotz read through the whole Old Testament and then wrote his responses to what he had read. I think it would be a good companion for someone who is actually reading through the Old Testament and again, another good church group/Bible study discussion book. You might not get sound, professional insights, but if you've read the Old Testament before, you will find yourself going, "I know! What was up with that?"

I've noticed that most books I've read about someone reading the Bible or living as the Bible prescribes (see The Year of Living Biblically) are written by Jewish authors and, therefore, only deal with the Old Testament. I have yet to find a book about someone reading through the whole New Testament or literally living out every single thing that the New Testament says. (If I'm wrong and there really are books like this out there, let me know.) Maybe this is because the New Testament isn't as outrageous as the Old Testament (incest, God-ordered genocide, not wearing clothing made of mixed fabrics, etc.) but wouldn't it be interesting to see what happens when one goes about actually living as Jesus wanted us to? What would happen if we all just showed love and acceptance to everyone? I wonder if I could pitch that book idea to a publisher. Hmmm. Don't go stealing my idea now! (Or if you do, thank me in the front of the book.)

Read anything good lately?

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  1. how sweet of your husband!! :) and ummmm....sounds like an awesome book! :)