The Side Scrapper

Wondering what to do with all of your loose photos? Interested in scrapbooking but don't have the time or don't know how to get started? Well, you've come to the right place!

Scrapbooks are a creative way to preserve your photo memories and other keepsakes (ticket stubs, cards, etc.), but the biggest hindrance to scrapping is the time factor. Not everybody has several hours a day to devote strictly to scrapbooking! This is why I started The Side Scrapper—for busy folks who want the finished product, but don't have time to make it themselves. Consider me your scrapper for hire!

It goes like this: You give me your pictures. I put together scrapbook pages using those pictures, as well as patterned paper, ribbons, flowers, buttons, stickers, and lots of other fun stuff. I will always leave some room on each page for you to write a personal note (or "journal" as scrappers call it). Then I give you your finished pages and you can pop them in an album and you're good to go!

Sound good? Email me at and read below for more information on how to get started!

- $8 per 12 x 12 page (this covers the cost of supplies)
- 19 cents per photo (if the photos need to be printed) 
- $20 for a 12 x 12 scrapbook album that holds 20 pages (or you can provide your own album)
- $5 for page refill pack (adds another 20 pages to scrapbook)

Frequently Asked Questions:
How do I pay you?
Acceptable forms of payment include check or money order. Cash will only be accepted if paying in person. 

When do I pay you?
If you want me to create a set number of pages, it's easiest if you pay me upfront. If you wish to wait and see how many pages I create out of the photos you give me, you can pay me upon completion of your pages.

Payment for photo printing and any of the Extras is appreciated upfront.

How do I submit photos to you?
If you live in the New York/New Jersey area, photos can be hand-delivered to me. If you live outside of this area, photos can be sent by mail (either loose or on a disk), by email, or through a photo uploading site such as or Snapfish.

Do you need anything else besides my pictures?
When sending me your pictures, it is VERY helpful if you also include some extra information, such as where the photos took place, who is in them, when you took these photos, etc.

What will you make my pages look like?
Take a moment to visit my gallery on and the general gallery. This will help you get an idea of what I do, what others do, and what style you would like me to use when creating your pages.

How will I receive my finished scrapbook pages?
If you live in the New York/New Jersey area, I can hand deliver your pages to you. Otherwise, I will mail them via USPS and provide you with tracking information to ensure their delivery.

Why do you only make 12x12 pages?
I generally work only with 12x12 scrapbook layouts because more photos fit onto a page. If you are interested in a smaller album, please contact me at for information and pricing.

If you have any other questions, email me at