Sunday, February 28, 2010

Saturday Night, You Know the Feeling is Right

So while my husband did laundry at his parents' house, I hung out at home watching some terrible movies (Harold the Duck) and some good movies (Dirty Dancing) on our Roku and scrapbooking. I'm kind of out of scrapbook paper right now except for my wedding paper, so those are the pictures that I scrapped. Yes, my wedding was almost one year ago and I'm still nowhere near to finishing my scrapbook. I did make a lot of progress last night.

The above is based on the LO "Having Fun" by boysmama. Below is based on "Sleepyheads" by 2lilbugs.

I got inspiration for the LO below from Mama2Ainslie's "Grandpa Larry" layout.

And then there is this one for the honeymoon album. Can you tell that I'm running out of paper? Good thing negative space is so hip right now. I LOVE LOVE LOVE those brown American Crafts thickers letters. I was at Michael's today and they have a whole endcap devoted to AC Thickers. I wish I could have bought them all!

What did you do last night?


  1. okay, so you tell me that i can crank them out?! LOOK AT YOU GO! hehehe. LOVE these! you are definitely on a roll! keep it up!


  2. Hmm...Steve and I ate ice cream. Now, back to the grocery store for dinner. I totally need to do that dinner craft that you had on here! I never stick with that stuff...

  3. P.S. did you win on that one scrapbook giveaway?

  4. wow! you were HIGHLY productive for just one day...i'm jealous!! you turned out great layouts in a short amount of time :-)

  5. You should check out Big Lots ( if you have them near you) they have thickers for 2.00.

    I am loving the colors you used on your wedding layouts. I also love negative space but sometimes you wouldn't know that--:D

  6. @PaperCameraScissor - thanks for the heads up on Big Lots!! I don't have one near me but there's one near my parents and I'm visiting next month so I think a special trip for Thickers is in order!! :)