Adventure Challenge Family Edition Review

A few months ago, I received a free Adventure Challenge: Family Edition to review. I thought it sounded like the perfect thing to keep my family busy and playing together while at home during the quarantine. Essentially, it's a book with scratch-off activities inside. The activities are divided up into themes, such as You Are What You Eat (snacktime activities) and Rainy Plazzze (indoor activities for rainy days), but it's a surprise as to what the activity will actually be.

Activities that you can do from home? Sign me up!

Our first activity was a marshmallow game called Cute, Fluffy Cloud Fight under the Bunch-a-Weirdos theme, and it just so happened that we had mini marshmallows in the pantry. After about two minutes of playing this game with my 4-year-old, it turned into us feeding marshmallows to the squirrels and birds. (Check out my saved Insta Story.)

While this activity - and most of the others - aren't really geared toward little kids, at least the activity led to another activity that was just as fun and helped us make some memories. You can write about your experience with each activity and add a photo inside the Adventure Challenge book, turning it into a keepsake.

We did try to do more activities, but here's the rub: it's hard to participate in some of these when your state has heavy stay-at-home orders and you don't feel comfortable going into stores to buy supplies.

The next one we scratched off required a pinata, but we weren't about to run to the party store (it was closed), nor did we have the supplies on-hand to make our own. And if we wanted to do the activity right then and there, ordering a pinata would take too long.

On another day, we scratched off one that required fanny packs for each member of the family. I think even if the stores had been open, there's no way my husband would have been game enough to wear a fanny pack. Then I tried to get my kid interested in a paper airplane race activity, but even though she usually loves flying paper airplanes, she just wasn't in the mood that day.

So what are my takeaways?

1. Even though this is a "family" edition, I'd say it's probably best if your kids are older than preschool/Kindergarten age.
2. It's only fun if you have a participatory family. If your kids or your spouse aren't into it, there's no use forcing the fun.
3. Be advised: stay-at-home orders make it hard to do some of the activities. Even with things reopening, your level of comfort going out will determine how many of these activities you can do. If you have no problem ordering the supplies and waiting to do the activity, then you'll be fine.

I feel like at any other time but the present, we would have had a different experience with the Family Adventure Challenge. I'll still keep our book around for when my daughter is a little bit older, and hopefully, she'll like the surprise of scratching off the activities, even if my husband doesn't.

If you're cooped up with just your spouse, you might like the Adventure Challenge Couples Edition, and when you're ready to get back out there with your friends, you can try the Adventure Challenge Friends Edition.

Which one do you think would work best for you? Tell me about it in the comments!