Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Egg Muffins Two Ways

I love eggs. I could eat eggs for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. And luckily, these two egg recipes can be eaten at all of those meals, though probably not in the same day. That might be egg overload.

First up is a recipe I found on Pinterest for Hash Brown Egg Nests with Avocado. This recipe comes from The Cooking Jar.

And it's so easy to make! You'll end up with leftovers that taste really well reheated in the microwave for breakfast or lunch. I think I may have cooked my egg nests a little too long because I expected the eggs to be a little runny, but my yolks were totally cooked through. Still good, though!

I would only make these for myself again because my DH only likes scrambled eggs and he doesn't like avocado.

The second egg recipe I made recently was the Fit4Mom Month of Mama Egg Muffins recipe. This involves eggs, breakfast sausage, green pepper, kale, and salt and pepper. I don't have a link to the recipe to share with you, but if you go to the Fit4Mom blog, there is a downloadable recipe guide and the Egg Muffins recipe is in there.

Again, this is a recipe where you will make a bunch and then eat them as leftovers every morning for breakfast. Great make-ahead recipe, especially when your mornings are busy!

Both of these recipes are gluten-free as long as you make sure to read the package labels to ensure that the ingredients are all gluten-free.

Monday, May 29, 2017

Meal Plan Monday - May 29

Happy Memorial Day to all my U.S. readers! The weather this weekend has been hit or miss, but we did manage to enjoy some outdoor time a little bit during the long weekend. And, of course, I had time to make up a meal plan for the week.

The Month of Mama challenge is basically over, but we're going to do the challenge's Chicken Salad recipe again because it was a huge hit the first time around. And we're also trying a Jessica Seinfeld recipe that was in the May 2017 issue of Redbook. It's salmon, so it's healthy, and it's gluten-free (as long as you use gluten-free ingredients). There's supposed to be a cucumber salad to go with it, but I hate cucumbers, so we're going to change it up a little bit and, I guess, make it not so healthy anymore. Oh well.

Sunday: hot dogs and fries

Monday: chicken roaster breast with au gratin potatoes and side salad

Tuesday: Ricotta Breakfast Pizza

Wednesday: Fit4Mom Chicken Salad sandwiches and potato chips

Thursday: turkey burgers, fries, and applesauce

Friday: Ginger Salmon with brown rice and Roasted Smashed Potatoes

Saturday: on our own

Friday, May 26, 2017

Cornbread Chicken Pot Pie

As Chris Rock once said, "Cornbread. Ain't nothin' wrong with that."

I had a box of gluten-free cornbread mix in my pantry, and I really wanted to use it for something more than just a side. So I decided to make it a topping for chicken pot pie.

Now, of course, I made this MANY weeks ago by this point, so I don't even remember where I found the recipe on which I based this. But I mean, you could sort of just follow any recipe that calls for a boxed cornbread mix. I'm pretty sure the filling for this was just chicken, a bunch of frozen veggies, and a roux of gluten-free all-purpose flour and butter.

The boxed mix I used was from Glutino. I usually use Bob's Red Mill gluten-free cornbread mix, but I do like the Glutino because it's much sweeter than Bob's. I might have to make the switch the next time I make my gluten-free stuffing for Thanksgiving.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

I Heart Baking Scrapbook Page

Last year we started a new tradition with friends: a cookie-decorating party! Most of the kids were not old enough to participate so us adults had to get our hands dirty decorating cookies with cookie cutters, icing, and M&Ms. (You can read tips for throwing your own cookie-decorating party here.)

My mom had given me a cute baking-themed scrapbook kit, and I just knew that I would use it to scrapbook the pictures I took from the party.

Aren't the embellishments cute? The kit came with a picture guide to show you how to place everything on a two-page layout, but I had to rearrange a few things based on the sizes of the pictures I had. It wasn't really that hard. Every picture that I wanted to use fit on this two-pager.

This kit came from a scrapbook store near St. Louis, but I can't remember the name. Ask me later and maybe I'll have it figured out.

Monday, May 22, 2017

Meal Plan Monday - May 22

Were you wondering where the meal plan was last week? Sorry! Life got in the way.

But things are back to normal here, so I've got a nice mix of recipes from our favorites and from the Fit4Mom #monthofmama meal plan.

Sunday: pea pesto pasta and side salad

Monday: slow cooker taco salad

Tuesday: leftovers

Wednesday: broccoli cheese-stuffed spaghetti squash

Thursday: penne with ricotta cheese and greens

Friday: veggie quesadillas

Saturday: rotisserie chicken, baked potatoes, and side salad

Friday, May 19, 2017

First Costume Scrapbook Page

And here is the baby's first Halloween costume. Yep, she was a panda! I scraplifted this layout, which is something that I'm really trying to do more of in an effort to make the scrapbooking process go a little faster. I spend a lot of time rearranging pictures and embellishments to create a look that I like, but I have so many page pinned on Pinterest. I really need to use those more!

I got to use some cool Heidi Swapp chipboard words that were on sale at Michael's the other month!

The patterned papers are Crate Paper. I've had the same paper pad that I got at T.J. Maxx for a LONG time. This layout also uses American Craft Thickers and a cool chalkboard journaling tag that was in my stash.

Thanks for looking!

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Gluten-Free Chocolate Chip Banana Bread

Before I started on the Month of Mama fitness challenge, I made some really delicious (and healthy!) gluten-free banana bread for breakfast. I had some bananas to use up, and what better way to do that than with banana bread?

I found a recipe from Cookie and Kate for a Healthy Banana Bread recipe. The original instructions didn't call for gluten-free flour, but there are a bunch of suggested adaptations, including to make it gluten-free with Bob's Red Mill's gluten-free flour. And luckily, that's what I had in my pantry!

I also had all of the other ingredients in my pantry, too: coconut oil, honey, chocolate chips, etc. Yes, chocolate chips. You can't have banana bread without chocolate chips!

I really enjoyed this banana bread. The gluten-free flour worked just fine! I think my husband did, too. The baby refused to eat it. *sigh*

Friday, May 12, 2017

Pizza Crackers

The other week I just didn't want a sandwich for lunch. So I combed through the pantry to see what we had that I could turn into lunch. And that's when I saw that we had the ingredients to make a very quick and easy lunch that my old college roommate taught me.

Technically, you're supposed to use Italian-style Wheat Thins. Not sure if they even make those anymore. But what I did was take regular Town House crackers and sprinkle Italian seasoning on them. (You could use plain gluten-free crackers, too.)

Combine the crackers with shredded mozzarella cheese and sliced pepperoni in a microwave-safe dish or plate. You basically just put the crackers down first and top with the cheese and pepperoni.

Then, put this into the microwave and microwave for a few seconds at a time until the cheese is fully melted on top of the crackers.

To eat, you just pull out the crackers and eat. It's really great as a party appetizer or something as long as you don't mind everybody's hands reaching into the same thing. But I enjoyed it as a lunch because it was fast, it was delicious, and it used up stuff that I had at home.

What do you think? What are some of your favorite things to eat from college?

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Adorable Scrapbook Page

Yep, my kid is pretty adorable. This is a picture from last Halloween, which was her first Halloween. We set her up on her Adirondack chair next to our pumpkins and trick-or-treat stuff.

I used some Me & My Big Ideas flower stickers on this one. And all of the patterned papers are from a paper pad that my mother-in-law gave me ages ago. It is a 6x6 paper pad, so I always struggle with how to use it. But I think I managed pretty well on this one.

I'm also glad I got to use that spiderweb chalkboard journaling spot! That has been in my stash for forever!

I actually based this whole layout off of one that I saw on Pinterest. If I felt like taking the time to find it and link it here, then I would. But I don't. LOL Sorry guys. I'm making this post on a day when I was home by myself with the baby, so I'm pretty tired and just trying to get some blog posts done.

Monday, May 8, 2017

Meal Plan Monday - May 8

So this month I'm participating in the Fit4Mom Month of Mama, a free fitness and health challenge with different fitness prompts each day and a healthy eating meal plan. It was supposed to start last week, but I didn't open the email with all the recipes until after I had gone grocery shopping for the week. So I decided to just start a week behind schedule and who really cares?

The meal plan offers recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert. I'm not sure who these Fit4Mom people think they are talking to because when you're a part-time working mom who has to pay for daycare, you can't afford to buy all the ingredients needed for all of these healthy meals.

I decided to just do the breakfasts and dinners. Turkey sandwiches for lunch are alright by me, and I don't eat dessert on a regular basis anyway, so just because I'm being given license to eat it now doesn't mean I'm going to.

And even with the dinners, I had to rearrange things so that stuff that takes a long time to cook can be done on days when I don't work. And I, of course, had to accommodate for special occasions, like our anniversary and the baby's baptism this weekend where we will be eating pizza for lunch and not "Farmer's Market Lunch". (Are you kidding me with that? Have you BEEN to my local farmer's market? It's a joke.)

Anyway, here is our customized healthy eating meal plan sort of for the week:

Sunday: Slow Cooker Buffalo Chicken w/ Baked Sweet Potato (regular baked potato for my husband)

Monday: anniversary dinner

Tuesday: Chicken Salad

Wednesday: Slow Cooker No Tortilla Soup

Thursday: pizza on homemade gluten-free pizza dough (was supposed to be Easy Pita Pizza, but pita isn't gluten-free)

Friday: leftovers

Saturday: out

Friday, May 5, 2017

Rise Scrapbook Page

Last year we did the Rise of the Jack O'Lanterns in New Jersey as a fun and festive family fall activity. (Did you like the alliteration there?) I took a lot of pictures because, well, there were a lot of pumpkins! So I figured this was the perfect opportunity to use my Lea France stencil.

I finally got to use the chalkboard pumpkin sticker that was in my stash! And those rock 'n' roll-themed American Crafts Thickers letters for the title!

Pretty cool, huh? Thanks for looking!

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

The Angels' Share - Book Review

In making whiskey, the whiskey that evaporates during the aging process is called "The Angels' Share". Giving some to the angels is supposed to protect the distillery.

That's how James Markert's book The Angels' Share got its name. It's a book about whiskey, about family, about Prohibition and the Great Depression, and about miracles.

Prohibition has ended but William McFee's father has yet to revive the family whiskey business and the morale of the town. While his father is busy burying his pain in drink, his mother is flirting with another man, and his brother is getting into trouble with the law. Everyone in the family is mourning the death of the youngest sibling, Henry.

However, when a stranger is buried in the cemetery next to the distillery, it attracts quite a crowd. Not just 12 "apostles" who claim that the buried man is Jesus Christ but a flock of others who seek to pray at the grave in hopes of experiencing a miracle.

And miracles do happen. Ones that William and his family can't explain. But is the deceased drifter really Jesus?

I really liked the historical aspect of the book. The author has a history degree and definitely put his knowledge of the time period to use. The story itself was pretty good, too, and not anything like what I expected. I wouldn't really classify it as a Christian novel. Rather, it's historical fiction with elements of Christianity in it. It's an interesting look at what would happen if Jesus was reborn into the 20th century and begs readers to ask themselves what they would do.

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received this book free from the publisher through the BookLook Bloggers <> book review bloggers program. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255 <> : “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”

Monday, May 1, 2017

Meal Plan Monday - May 1

So there were no posts last week. Sorry about that. We took a weekend trip to Vermont, and I just didn't have time to get anything posted once we got back. So now here we are. In May! And I'm trying to make a conscious effort to have us eating more healthy dinners. So, here is what's on the menu for this week:

Sunday: on our own

Monday: rice with veggies and lemon chicken (no pasta)

Tuesday: hot dogs, corn, and baked beans (a bit of an indulgence)

Wednesday: Southwest Bean and Corn Soup (a Skinny Girl recipe!)

Thursday: leftover soup

Friday: tacos (Hey, it's Cinco de Mayo! And we're using ground turkey instead of ground beef.)

Saturday: leftovers