Friday, July 25, 2014

How to Save Time and Money

Have you heard of Dollar Shave Club? It's a monthly subscription service that sends you razors and other shaving products. It looks like it's geared toward men, but women can also use Dollar Shave Club products. (The 4X razor is recommended for women.) I've never used Dollar Shave Club (I'm still very loyal to my Venus razor), but it's been getting a lot of buzz.

Dollar Shave Club isn't just about shaving, though. It's also about "shaving" you time and money, two things I happen to know a little something about. So how do I "shave" time and money?

Get Organized
My weekends are usually very busy with running errands and attempting to have a social life, so when I'm out at Target or the grocery store, I don't have time to wander the aisles looking for what I need. Not only do I make store-specific lists, but I also use the free Grocery IQ app to organize those lists. Grocery IQ, which I've written about in the past, organizes the items on your list by grocery store aisle or area, so there's no backtracking from dairy all the way to produce on the other side of the store where you started.

Grocery IQ app
Grocery IQ also gives you access to coupons, if available, for the things on your list via

Get Coupons
Which leads me into how I "shave" money. Yes, I use It's easy, I find a lot of coupons for things I need now or will need in a few weeks. I also clip coupons from the weekend paper.

Get Rewarded
I'm not an extreme couponer, though, and I've never gotten an item for free using a coupon. If I don't want to pay for something (like our entryway table from Walmart), then I'll redeem credit card reward points for store gift cards. If you have a program like this with your credit card, don't ignore it! We've actually gotten discounted hotel rooms by redeeming our points, and we've been using our points to help get discounted tickets for attractions on our upcoming London/Paris trip.

52-week challenge jar
Another way I get gift cards is through survey programs, such as eRewards and MyPoints. MyPoints has a better gift card selection, but it's easier to quickly redeem eRewards "currency", I think. Both services are free to use, and you just take surveys online. You get full points for completing the full survey, but if you don't qualify for the full survey, you still get partial credit for your time.

Get Deals
I also like to shop daily deals sites, such as Zulily, which I've written in depth about here. Where else can you find a KitchenAid stand mixer for under $200?

Get Saving
Another great way to "shave" money is by doing the 52-week challenge, which you can read more about here. Save a little each week, and you'll have $1,378 by the end of the 52 weeks.

These are just a few ways to "shave" time and money. I'd love to hear how you guys do both, so leave your tips in the comments!

I was not compensated by Dollar Shave Club in any way for this post. All opinions are my own.

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