Thursday, April 25, 2013

Grocery IQ - A Smarter Way to Shop

Last week I wrote about a free app I use to help me grocery shop called ShopWell. That app is great for helping me determine if foods are gluten-free or not. But I also use another free app called Grocery IQ to help me make my grocery list and keep track of how much the shopping trip will cost while also presenting me with coupons!

Grocery IQ was recommended to me in the book The Real Skinny. The app is FREE to download on iOS and Android devices. It is "powered by", which is why you can also get coupons through the app.

This app helps me create my grocery list for the week. I can either search for the product I want or scan a barcode and add it to my list. (I pretty much only use the search function.) The app organizes the items on my list by grocery aisle, which I love because I can focus on one section of the grocery store at a time when I'm there. The app also lets me input the price of each item so that I know how much I'm going to be spending. (To find the prices ahead of time, I go to my grocery store's website and pretend like I'm placing an online pick-up grocery order. I'm not sure if every grocery store has this feature. I use A&P and the circular prices are the same as online. I also know that Stop 'n Shop allows you to shop online.)

As you're making your list, the app suggests coupons that you can "clip" and either print from your smart device via a wireless printer or have the app email the coupons to you so that you can print from your computer via Honestly, I don't use a lot of the coupons through the app. Most of the coupons are for items that I don't need or want. I like that the coupons are there, though, so if I see something that I do need a coupon for, I can clip it. But I feel like I find better coupons in the coupon circulars I get every week.

You can also link your grocery store club card to this app, but not all grocery stores can be linked. Mine can't. :( You can also use the app to search for grocery stores in your area. AND you can email your list in case you make the list on your phone but decide to send your husband grocery shopping. Just email it to him and he'll have it!

I have a lot of fun using this app. I used to write my list on paper, but now I'm saving trees and having more productive shopping trips! Do you use this app? What do you use when you grocery shop?

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