Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Have You Heard of Zulily?

Back in August, I attended a media event for the discount shopping site Honestly, I had never heard of it, but I was lured to the event by the promise of a free pedicure. And boy was that pedicure (my first) AMAZING. But I digress. If you aren't aware of what Zulily is, let me tell you.

Zulily is a daily deals website for moms, babies, and kids. Each day, there are several new "events", or sales, featuring boutique brands. The events start at 6 a.m. PST and usually last 72 hours. After that, the event is over with and a new event featuring a different brand takes its place. When you sign up for Zulily, which is free, you'll receive emails every morning alerting you to the new events and to what events are still open. Inventory is limited and pretty much first-come, first-serve, so if you see a sale that you want to take advantage of, don't wait to check it out! You'll have the widest selection the earlier you shop an event.

Now, what kinds of brands and products are on Zulily? It's not just kid products. Sure, Zulily has great deals on toys, children's apparel, and baby gear, but they also have a lot of stuff for mom: housewares, home decor, clothing (maternity wear, workout wear, ready to wear), shoes, etc. And these are top brands, too. Toys from Melissa & Doug. Clothing from Kenneth Cole. Shoes from Skechers. And all the products are heavily discounted!

When I attended the event, I received a $50 gift card to try out Zulily for myself. I don't have kids, so I didn't peek at any of the kid product sales. I just focused on the women's apparel and housewares. I got a great pair of leopard print Sam & Libby flats, a 3-tier oven rack extender (that I had JUST pinned on Pinterest!!) for cooking multiple dishes on Thanksgiving, and a glimmery gold pair of flats from Chinese Laundry. (The $50 gift card wasn't enough to cover all three of those items. I had to shell out an extra $20 for the Chinese Laundry shoes. But still. Not bad.)

You also have to pay for shipping, but sometimes the site has shipping deals. For instance, I purchased the Sam & Libby flats one day and was given a free shipping credit if I ordered something else within the following 24 hours. So I purchased the oven rack extender and it shipped for free! Woo!

It did take three to four weeks for the items to get to me. That's because, once the event closes, Zulily places a bulk order with the company for all the items that Zulily customers ordered. The company ships the items to Zulily. Then Zulily packs them up and ships them off to its customers. Zulily says that this shipping plan is one way it ensures such low prices.

One other thing to note: Because the deals at Zulily are limited-time offers, returns and exchanges are usually not accepted. Before you order, the product page will tell you whether or not the item is eligible for a return or exchange. (None of mine were eligible.) For items that are eligible, Zulily must receive the unused item in its original package within 14 days of when the item was delivered to you. Your refund will be credited toward your Zulily account or to the credit card you used, based on the reason for your return.

If you have any other questions as to how Zulily works, you can find answers on the FAQs page.

I think this site is really great, especially if you're a parent or a soon-to-be parent. You can find some great discounts on items for your kids. If you don't have kids or you're just looking for stuff for yourself or your home (or even gifts for someone else), then Zulily is also the perfect site to check out. Signing up for an account is FREE, doesn't require an invitation, and doesn't mean you ever have to purchase anything. I think it's definitely worth it to sign up and casually check what events are happening every day. You never know when you might find a sale that includes just the item you've been looking for!

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  1. I'm kind of a zulily fan. Most of their children's apparel is more than I'd pay, but I'm used to free (love hand-me-downs), so it doesn't take much for me to think that. I have ordered cloth diapers, though, and some nursing bras for AMAZING prices. Love it :)