Thursday, June 19, 2014

DIY - Foyer/Entryway Table & Decor

I finally completed our foyer/entryway. I wanted to get a little table and some decorative items to go on the table/on the wall. I also wanted to put up privacy film on the windows next to our door so that creepy people and creepy cats (true story!) can't sneak a peek into our home and freak us out while we're sitting on the couch and watching TV.

Well, done and done. Here's the result:

The table came from Walmart (used a gift card to buy it!) and it took me about two hours to assemble. I still want to find something decorative to put on both sides of the mirror. I keep meaning to take a trip to HomeGoods and TJ Maxx (where I found some of the items you see in the picture above), but I just don't have the time!

And here is what the front door looks like with our privacy film on the windows. It was pretty easy to do. I was inspired by this post over at Young House Love. (That website will give you serious house envy. You've been warned.)

I guess you can't really tell from a picture. But just try to come over to our house and snoop in at us! HA! A good amount of light still comes through, but no little (cat) faces can see through. (Seriously, that freaked me out.)

I also bought and purchased a new bookcase for our "library" and now our mass of books is corralled. The bookshelf KIND of looks like it's going to fall over. I did go for the cheapo Target brand (and technically, got it for free thanks to Target gift cards and a $10 off coupon...), but I'm sure that my building abilities will keep the bookcase stable.

What have you been up to at your house?

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