Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Nail Polish Apothecary Jar - Pinterest Challenge

This is probably the easiest thing that was pinned to my August Pinterest Challenge board. So why did it take me so long to get it done??

All I had to do was put my nail polish in an apothecary jar.

I have several glass containers on my bathroom counter for holding various toiletries. I used to keep all of my nail stuff in a zippered pouch, which was working great, but I loved the idea of all the colors of my nail polish bunched together inside the glass apothecary jar.

The apothecary jar came as part of a set that I purchased from Oriental Trading Company earlier this year to complete a different Pinterest craft! Check out more info on that here!

I also wanted to talk about my new favorite polish right now: Zori from Julep.

I redeemed some Jules (reward points through the Julep Maven program) for a free Julep Maven box, and the Zori color was one of the polishes in the box. It looked a little too bold, a little too purple for my fingernails. (I'm supposed to wear more toned-down colors for work.) But I decided to try it anyway. And I was pleasantly surprised! The color, as labeled on the bottle, is sheer. So it's actually not as bold as you'd expect. Plus, it's got glitter in it, and I was always told that glitter in polish makes it adhere to your nail better.

Maybe it was having a baby, I'm not sure, but I've recently gotten MUCH better at giving myself manicures. Any other moms out there experience this?

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