Easy Throw-Together Gluten-Free Meals

Need some easy gluten-free weeknight meals? How about one (or both!) of these recipes that I literally threw together mostly using stuff we already had on-hand. I might have needed to purchase a few extras at the grocery store the week we made these, but I didn't need much.

Chicken & Rice Fiesta Bowls
For this, I basically took all the toppings from this veggie pizza (avocado, black beans, corn), added some chicken and spices (cumin, chili powder), and threw it all on top of rice. A little cilantro on top was a nice touch. (This also made good lunch leftovers.)

Ham & Egg Hash
I made this after Easter. We got a free ham at ShopRite, so we cooked it and ate it one night, and then saved some of the leftover ham for this. Just scramble up some eggs, dice up your ham, cook some hashbrowns, mix it all together, and throw some chopped green onion on top. Done and done! I love breakfast for dinner, don't you?