Wednesday, October 26, 2011

A Pizza for Me

This is a black bean pizza. Oh man, it's SO good. I got the recipe from Fitness magazine a couple months ago. It was part of a feature called Takeout Fake-Out. I liked the look of it in the pictures and so I cut out the recipe and put it in the recipe folder of my shopping binder with hopes to one day make the pizza. Well, that day finally came. 

I didn't make this gluten-free because I didn't think my husband would like a pizza without pizza sauce, cheese, and pepperoni. This pizza has cheese, corn, avocado, black beans, chili powder, cumin, salt, pepper, and refrigerated pizza dough. It was pretty easy to put together (You'll need a rolling pin for the dough) and definitely delicious. The black beans give it a meaty flavor, and I love the way the chili powder tastes mixed with all the veggies. Go here for the original recipe. I left out the tomatoes because I don't like them and the scallions because I'm not sure what those are. Instead of cheddar cheese I used Monterey Jack because it was what we had in our fridge. Can't wait to have the leftover pizza slices for lunch during the week!


  1. Scallions are like onions. They're those little green onions...

    Picture is better at explaining then I am!

  2. You don't like tomatoes? Bummer! And scallions are the same as green onions. This looks super delish! I make tons of homemade pizzas. To make it even easier, you could buy a Boboli crust. No rolling pin needed. LOL