Monday, August 8, 2016

Gluten-Free Mozzarella Sticks: August Pinterest Challenge

When something on Pinterest doesn't go right for me, I usually don't share it with you on the blog. Why share with you something that I wouldn't recommend? But in honor of the Pinterest Challenge I'm doing, I'm going to share with you photographic evidence that I've completed the things I said I would.

So, dear readers, behold: gluten-free mozzarella sticks. 

Kind of a #pinterestfail.

I'm sure the original recipe is just fine. Maybe it was the gluten-free flour. Maybe it was the addition of parmesan cheese. Maybe it was the gluten-free bread crumbs and the fact that I didn't add in the panko because, well, panko isn't gluten-free.

Whatever it was, these mozzarella sticks just didn't turn out as tasty as I hoped. 

They were VERY easy to put together. I mean it's just string cheese dipped in flour, egg, and a bread crumb mixture, and then baked in the oven. But as someone who is OBSESSED with mozzarella sticks, these were not satisfying to my tastebuds.

But now I know! And I don't have to see this on my Pinterest boards and think, "Boy, I sure would like to make that." Done and done.

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