Thursday, January 22, 2015

Summertime Scrapbook Pages

It's been non-stop scrapping over here! I've got three more pages to share with you today.

"4 the Win":
These are pictures from a 4th of July minor league baseball game we went to last year. The background paper is patterned with soda bottle caps, which I thought was perfect for a summer and baseball layout.

"Iron Pigs":
Here's a two-page layout I made for another minor league baseball game we went to last summer. They had gluten-free food there!!

"Try the Toasted Ravioli":
I wrote about this place on the blog after eating the toasted ravioli there last summer. Not gluten-free (sorry, guys!) but still delicious for those of us who can tolerate gluten. A great St. Louis gem!

Thanks for stopping by and taking a look at what I've been working on!

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