Monday, July 7, 2014

Meal Plan Monday - July 7

It's July! Hope everyone had a
nice 4th of July weekend!
It's only the beginning of July, but already it feels like the end of July to me. If only it was the end of July, then I'd be that much closer to vacation!!!

But alas, this is just the first full week of July. We've still got some good stuff to look forward to this week: my mom's birthday, a WNBA basketball game, getting my hair cut, book club...

And here's what we're eating this week:

Sunday: cheesy sausage and potatoes

Monday: chicken, bacon, cheese, and ranch salad

Tuesday: grilled swordfish, rice, and green beans

Wednesday: pancakes and eggs

Thursday: leftovers

Friday: out

Saturday: steak tacos with corn salsa (based on this recipe from Rachael Ray - I think I might make my own corn tortillas, though)

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