Sunday, June 8, 2014

Celebrities at BEA

Another aspect of Book Expo America that I like is the author signings! Here are a few pictures of some celebrities that I met and info on the books they have coming out:

Andy Cohen - The Andy Cohen Diaries (Henry Holt)
Not gonna lie - I almost passed up Andy Cohen for Lois Lowry. But the line for Ms. Lowry was CRAZY long, and I knew I was not going to get up to the front of the line within her hour-long signing time nor would the publisher have enough books for everyone waiting. So I skipped out on Lois and went over to see fellow St. Louisan, former head of development for Bravo, and host of Bravo's Watch What Happens Live Andy Cohen.

It was super duper nice of him to pose for photos with those of us waiting in line. (Something that is very rare at book signings!) I wanted to engage him in a little St. Louis/Cardinals banter, but with trying to sign the specially designed Andy-themed journals and take pictures and smile, etc., he seemed a mite distracted. No biggie!

His book comes out November 2014 and is a "dishy, detailed diary of one year in his life". Can't wait to see how much Real Housewives talk there is!

Dominique Ansel - Dominique Ansel: The Secret Recipes (Simon & Schuster)
If you're not from New York, I'm not sure if you're familiar with the cronut obsession. It's a croissant and a donut. People in the city pay other people to stand in line for them so they can get a cronut. I'm not joking. And this is the man behind the craze: Dominique Ansel.

He's got a new cookbook coming out in October 2014, so if you want to learn to cook like this French pastry chef, now is your chance! He autographed a recipe card for us, and I can't wait to make the Flourless Chocolate Pecan Cookies. Skill level: beginner. (And yes, as long as you make sure the pecans are gluten-free, this is a gluten-free cookie recipe.) I told Dominique that I was going to go home and make them, and he said to make them and bring some to him. Ha ha.

After getting his autograph, I got to sample these delicious chocolates with basil leaves. Yes, basil leaves. I was a little wary, but it really was good.

Ace Collins - Man's Best Hero: True Stories of Great American Dogs (Abingdon Press)
You are probably thinking, "Wow, Ace Collins looks a lot like Lassie." That's because the picture below is not of me and Ace Collins. It is of me and Lassie. Yes. Lassie.

Lassie made a special appearance at Ace's book signing because Ace is Lassie's official biographer! And in Ace's new book, he writes about 13 exceptional dogs who have performed rescues and acts of courage. If you love dogs, then I think this book will further solidify your love. Ace signed a copy of his book for me, and I'm going to read it and let you know more about it on the blog, so stay tuned. The book comes out this month, if you want to get yourself a copy.

Jason Segel & Kirsten Miller - Nightmares! (Delacorte Press)
Last year, I waited in two long lines for Paula Deen and Helen Fielding. But I don't think those two compared to the long line for actor Jason Segel. He co-authored a chapter book (the first in a trilogy) with Kirsten Miller about a boy named Charlie whose father marries a woman that Charlie thinks is a witch. Living in the witch's purple mansion, Charlie's sleep keeps getting disturbed by nightmares, and eventually they start to come true. The book also has black and white illustrations by Karl Kwasny. It comes out September 9, 2014.

Jason and Kirsten both signed sneak peek samplers that contained the book's first two chapters. If we can judge the book by Jason Segel's past movie-writing successes, then I think it's fair to say that this book has great potential.

Unfortunately, no posed photos were allowed. It was probably for the best. Jason was VERY tan, and me next to him would have only amplified my Casper the Friendly Ghost whiteness. Nobody wants that.

I hope you enjoyed my Book Expo America coverage. I had such a good time this year, and I can't wait until next year. To make sure you never miss out on my live BEA coverage or live coverage of any other events, make sure you're following me on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

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