Thursday, June 6, 2013

Things I Learned at Book Expo America

1. Helen Fielding is finishing up the third Bridget Jones book, which will be published in October. Also, keep your eyes peeled to the Today show during that month because I was interviewed about the third book while waiting in line to get Helen's autograph!!!

2. Lauren Myracle (author of my most favorite YA novel Shine) knows how to correctly say my name. Can't wait to read the autographed advance copy I received of her newest book.

3. Paula Deen has a new cookbook coming out this fall, and it's filled with 250 of her favorite recipes lightened up. She's lost 40 pounds, y'all, and she looks FAB! I told her so when she autographed a recipe card for me. She then told me I had beautiful eyes. Thanks, Paula!

4. Harlequin, publisher of romance novels, has a non-fiction imprint that publishes everything from self-help novels to cookbooks. This fall, its got two new cookbooks coming out that feature gluten-free recipes! I took home some sample recipes from the cookbooks, so I can't wait to try them out and see the finished cookbooks!

5. Actress Julianne Moore has a new children's book. I missed her autograph session, but I did see her chatting with the folks at Chronicle Books after it was done.

6. The Harry Potter books are getting brand new cover designs!

7. Stephen King has a new book coming out called Doctor Sleep, which I was told was a sequel to The Shining.

7. Next time, I'm bringing a bookbag. I took home three bags of advanced reader copies. I'm excited for all these new books to read, but at the same time, my shoulders are killing me!

8. Overall, my fellow book lovers are a very nice bunch of people.

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