Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Yummy Grilled Chicken & Slaw

This would be a great dinner to make during the summertime on an outdoor grill, but if it's winter where you are, you can still grill up a yummy chicken. I used my George Foreman grill.

This recipe is based on this pork recipe from Hatchery. When I received my first Hatchery box (as part of a free three-month subscription), I was so impressed with all the little ingredients that came in the box that I immediately wanted to start using them.

First up was this recipe that used Butcher's Bunches Get Your Guav On, a jam made from guava. I didn't have pork, but I did have chicken breasts in the freezer. Feel free to use pork, but this is just as good with chicken. Marinate it. Grill it. Spread the guava jam all over it.

For the slaw, I had no idea what a jicama root was, and I didn't feel like learning. So I bought a pre-packaged bag of plain slaw and made my own honey-djion dressing using the recipe for our chicken wraps. Tasted pretty good!

We also added Bob Evan's mashed potatoes. We really like mashed potatoes.

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