Tuesday, November 19, 2013

2013 Holiday Gift Guide: Top Holiday Hostess Gifts

The holiday season means parties! And parties mean bringing something for the host/hostess. I've found some super easy and inexpensive hostess gifts that your party hosts are sure to love!

1. Tickettyboo Hot Chocolate
Over the summer, I wrote about Tickettyboo Hot Chocolate and all its many uses aside from drinking hot chocolate. I think this would make a lovely hostess gift. Its brown paper packaging is so charming, not to mention it's really tasty. Instead of serving coffee after the holiday meal, why not serve hot chocolate??

2. Aldi Chocolate and Wine
Who knew you could go to Aldi's and find some really nice, quality food items that would be perfect for holiday hostess gifts? The holiday season is party time, and if you want to bring something nice to your host and hostess, then definitely check out Aldi's. You can purchase Landshut Riesling at just $4.99 per bottle. In fact, most wines at Aldi's are priced at $6.99 or under. The Landshut Riesling, in case you want to know, features a fruity bouquet with flavors of apricot and peach and pairs well with light meals, desserts, or on its own, according to Aldi's.

The Choceur Cocoa Dusted Truffles are my fave! At $2.49 per box, these delicious truffles make a great holiday gift! Just make sure your host or hostess shares these with you!

3. Target
Target has some really beautiful candle holders this holiday season that range in price from $12.99 to $19.99. They have a shiny red finish on the outside and an even shinier gold finish on the inside. You can get votives that spell out words, such as "NOEL", or larger word lanterns with the words "Peace & Joy" on the front. These are a great way to say "Thanks for having me!" and for your host/hostess to add some festive decor to their home this holiday and for future holidays.

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