Thursday, March 24, 2011 update

Just wanted to give you a guys an update about Remember I posted about them a few weeks ago? Well, I did get my Old Navy gift cards in the mail less than two weeks after I redeemed my Continental OnePass miles. It took a week for to send me an email with instructions on how to redeem my "money" at, which kind of annoyed me at first*, but then I realized that this allowed me to change my gift card order if I wanted to. I didn't change my order (mama needs new clothes!) and just a few days later, my Old Navy gift cards were in my mailbox! I used one of them already and had no problems with it at check-out. So if you're trying to use up some frequent flier miles, then definitely check out to see what your gift card redemption options are.

*Not gonna lie about the main source of my annoyance ... I redeemed my miles for a $75 Old Navy gift card and when I went to, they didn't have a $75 gift card. They had a $25, $50, and $100. And I was like "This is bunk!" And then I realized that DER I could order one $25 and one $50 card and get my $75. Oh me.


  1. Nice! I think we've had this discussion about airline don't have enough for tickets?

  2. I just went to Old Navy yesterday and got the hubby some new jeans and some cute summery-springy tops for me! Happy shopping!