Saturday, March 5, 2011

Three Things

Is it sad that the three things that made me happy this week were all food-related? (88 cent Crunchwrap Supreme from Taco Bell, free editorial staff lunch at Brgr, smoothie with a coupon at Jamba Juice)

I've recently discovered three pretty neat websites that also make me happy.

1. First up is I came across this website while trying to figure out how to use my American Airlines AAdvantage Miles before they expired. The American Airlines website said I could redeem my miles for gift cards. Intrigued, I clicked on the link and was taken to On this site, you can keep track of your airline miles and reward points and redeem them for gift cards or cash, trade them with other users, or move miles/points from one account to another.

Of course, there are limitations. American won't let you do ANYTHING with your miles unless you have 25,000 of them or special Elite status. Well, if I had 25,000 miles I would be booking myself a flight...

Luckily, Continental doesn't have ANY restrictions, so I was able to use some of my OnePass miles for a $75 Old Navy gift card. The amount of miles required for redemption varies based on what you're trying to get and what airline miles or rewards points program you're using. I haven't gotten my Old Navy gift card yet (just redeemed my miles for it a few days ago) but I was happy with how easy was to use and the selection of gift cards. I didn't go in with high expectations, though. I just knew it would be another 50 years before I had enough miles to redeem for a flight with Continental and I really wanted to go clothes shopping.

As for my American AAdvantage miles - expired. I'm not paying $60 to keep them. Now I know what my preferred airline will be from now on.

2. The second website is on Etsy. Poppins Design is a cute little boutique of really fun cards that my friend Lauren makes using her amazing Photoshop skills. Check out the rock concert poster baby announcements! You can use your own photos and have Lauren create custom thank you notes, baby announcements, invitations, and so much more.

3. And last but not least is Jingle Belles. This is a new card-making challenge blog that gets you making one Christmas card per week so that by the time December rolls around, your cards are made and ready to be sent. Prompts at Jingle Belles range from sketches to color challenges. Here is a card that I made using one of the Jingle Belles sketches:

I plan on adding a family picture (as I always do) later, but if that's all I have to do come December, then I'm a happy camper. Check them out and get started on your holiday cards now!

Have you visited/used any of these sites? What do you think of them? Got any interesting websites to share with us? Let us know in the comments!


  1. I signed up for the AAdvantage when we went to Australia and I was always annoyed because AA has really high ticket prices. I never ended up flying with them and getting more miles because everywhere else was way cheaper. I just signed up for United, hopefully they suck less, haha.

  2. love the xmas card...too cute!

  3. ARe you seriously working on Xmas cards now? YOu are soooooooo good! I don't like making cards. Not sure why. Maybe because I suck at it. LOL