Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Recycled Cardboard

If you are interested in some "green" scrapbooking and you are a coffee drinker, have I got an idea for you. I occasionally pop into Starbucks for a little somethin' (usually if I have a gift card or feel like treating myself during the winter months) and began saving the cardboard cup sleeves to use on various projects. In 2009, I used the cup sleeves on my Christmas cards. The holiday cup sleeves last year were okay, so I saved one and intend on using it somehow on a Christmas layout. But even the regular sleeves can be useful. See the before and after pictures to the right. All I did was draw star shapes on the printed side of the cup sleeve. Then I cut out those shapes and turned them over for cool corrugated cardboard stars that can be used as embellishments on my layouts. You can cut out any shape you want! I even did circles, which was really easy, because all I had to do was cut around the Starbucks logo and then trace that on the rest of the sleeve and cut out. Below are some examples of how I've used my cardboard creations.

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