Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Roasting Pan Review

I've got another CSN Stores review for you! Back when I got my pizza pan, I also got this Nordicware Oven Essentials 18.5-inch Large Roaster in Red. Yes, a red roasting pan. The color totally sold me!

You can see a little bit of the color in this picture. It's more of a maroon than a bright red, so it looks really classy. It is also very heavy duty. I had a 17-pound turkey in there and the pan was still easy to lift.

You might also notice that I don't have a roasting rack in the pan. This pan didn't come with a roasting rack and I don't know anyone who has ever used a roasting rack before, so I just didn't use one. If you like roasting racks and prefer a pan that comes with one, then this might not be the roasting pan for you. However, you can always buy a separate roasting rack or you can just go without. The turkey turned out fine without one.

This turkey was a very snug fit inside the pan. I was a little surprised. Turns out, I ordered the 18.5-inch pan, but was sent a 14.5-inch pan. Of course, I didn't check this until the day of our party so I just shrugged my shoulders and in the words of Tim Gunn, I made it work. The turkey was snug but it still fit and didn't drip any juices on the bottom of my oven. The turkey also cooked through and in the exact amount of time the turkey package said it should.

This pan was very easy to clean because it is non-stick. You have to handwash it, but it's so easy to clean that it really doesn't matter. I love easy things!

Even though this Nordicware roasting pan turned out smaller than I anticipated, it's still a great pan and I would definitely use it again. I have another recipe (that is not turkey or chicken) that requires a roasting pan, so I can't wait to try it out! You'll just have to wait and see what it is!

I’d like to thank CSN Stores for sponsoring this review! (I was given the product, but was not compensated in any other way for my opinions.)

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  1. My roasting rack has handles, so it's super easy to lift the turkey out of the roasting pan and onto the cutting board for carving!!! :)

    Happy Thanksgiving!!!