Thursday, November 4, 2010

CSN Review!

Remember awhile back when I told you I'd be reviewing something from CSN Stores? And remember how I also told you we really love Udi's gluten-free pizza crusts? Well, I decided to get a little something to help us out with making our new favorite pizzas. A pizza pan!!!

I've never owned a pizza pan before and had been baking pizzas on a baking sheet. I know you can cook the pizza right on the oven rack, but it's so hard to get the pizza out of the oven. I have nightmares about spilling cheese and pepperoni on the bottom of my oven and then having to clean it. Hence, the baking sheet.

But, as you know, I wanted a crispier gluten-free pizza and I thought a pizza pan would keep the gluten-free pizza crust from getting sogged down by the pizza sauce. And I think this Frieling Round Crisper (that's its technical name) did its job. The holes in the center of the pan allowed heat to get through to the bottom of the pizza and kept the crust from getting too soggy. There was a definite crunch when I bit into the pizza. (I also baked the pizza for the full seven minutes, like I did last time. Another tip, wait to top the pizza with sauce, etc., until right before you're going to put the pizza in the oven that way the pizza doesn't have so much time to soak up the sauce.)

And the pizza came off the pan so easily because the pan is non-stick. You could also use this pan for baking homemade or frozen pizzas in the oven.

Be careful when handling or washing (hand wash only) because the pan does scratch. After we washed it, I noticed a scratch mark on the surface. Is our dishwasher scrubber too harsh? I don't think it will affect the cooking quality, though.

I’d like to thank CSN Stores for sponsoring this review! (I was given the product, but was not compensated in any other way for my opinions.)

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