Eating Plant-Based with Veestro - REVIEW

Maybe Earth Day made you want to eat more eco-friendly for the planet, or maybe you're already eating a plant-based diet but finding it difficult to keep your pantry and fridge stocked during this pandemic. Why not make it easy on yourself with Veestro, a meal delivery service bringing pre-cooked meals straight to your doorstep.

I recently got the chance to test out four Veestro meals for free. Here's what I thought.

So first things first. Here's why Veestro caught my eye:

- it's all vegan, perfect for someone dairy-free, like me
- the meals have already been made for you; no cooking! Just reheat in the microwave or oven!

What can you expect if you order from Veestro?

All your meals are prepared fresh and delivered frozen (in dry ice so handle with gloves!!), and you'll be able to eat them within eight to 10 weeks.

There are three different plans to choose from, allowing you to choose your own meals and if there are other dietary restrictions, such as gluten-free and nut-free, or having the meals hand-picked for you, so that it's a surprise each time you open the box. And you can choose to have your meals delivered every week, every two weeks, or every four weeks.

Lentil and Spinach Tagine

My meals were hand-picked for me, so while they were vegan and dairy-free for me, not all were gluten-free for my husband. Didn't matter; I wasn't sharing with him anyway! These all appeared to be single-serve meals, so if you're buying for more than one person, you can pick the meals you want, and they can pick the meals they want.

I got to taste the Country Fried Chick'n, Enchilada Casserole, Red Curry, and Lentil and Spinach Tagine. All of them were really easy to reheat, either in the oven or the microwave. I just followed the instructions printed on the back of each package and went with the recommended way of reheating.

I think my favorite was the Red Curry. I'm already a curry fan, and this version was packed with rice, carrots, broccoli, spices, and tofu. Yes, I ate tofu and I liked it!

The Enchilada Casserole and Country Fried Chick'n were runners up.

I feel like these would be the perfect meals for a work lunch - once work opens up again. Until then, these are also the perfect meals to eat during a quarantine because you don't have to go out and buy the ingredients, but you're not eating junk. Veestro meals are organic, healthy, and delicious! I'm so glad I tried it out!