Scrapbooking Guest Post - My Mom!

Closing out this week's round of Mother's Day blog posts with a guest scrapbook layout from who else? My mom! She actually made this page to be framed. 

The top picture is of my mom and me at a wedding when I was a kid. My mom was in the wedding party and I was the flower girl. The bottom picture is of my mom and me at MY wedding!

Isn't my mom a talented scrapbooker? She got into scrapbooking because I was so into it, and now she probably has more tools and tries more new techniques than I do!

Because we live in two separate states, we never get to scrapbook together. (Wish we could, though, so we could share our stuff.) Oh well!

Thanks, Mom, for sharing this layout! Happy Mother's Day!!


  1. cute!! so cool that scrapbooking talent runs in your family )

  2. How cute! I scrapbooked for years and years, but fell out of it a few years after college. Mine never looked this amazing, though!


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