Make Your Own Boot Tray

What's a boot tray? I saw this on Pinterest, and it really sparked my interest. (Ooo, that rhymed!)

You know those old stained baking sheets you have in your kitchen? They look kind of beat up from all the cooking you've done with them. Well, what if you purchase yourself some nice new baking sheets (or have a family member purchase you new ones for Christmas - thanks, Mom and Dad!) and turn those old baking sheets into a tray to keep your dirty, snowy, rainy boots off your nice, shiny floors?

The original post didn't really give much direction, but it's so easy to do. I found these river rocks in the craft section of The Dollar Tree. (I don't know if they have them at other dollar stores.)

I used three bags per baking sheet. You don't have to adhere the rocks to the baking sheets. Just dump them on top of the baking sheets, and then place your snow and rain boots on top. Easy peasy!

This was one of the things I wanted to get done as part of our entryway remodel. I plan on purchasing a small side table that will go over these boot trays and keep our car keys and mail somewhat organized.

But first, I need to remove the wallpaper!