Monday, June 19, 2017

Greek Yogurt and Nut Butter Balls "Granola"

Didn't have time to make up a meal plan for the week. We'll just figure it out. In lieu of a meal plan, here's a fun recipe idea for breakfast: Greek Yogurt and Nut Butter Balls "Granola".

This is based on the DELICIOUS Nut Butter Balls that I made during the FIT4MOM Month of Mama challenge. (And I have continued to make them since.)

When you're putting the Nut Butter Balls together, not all of the chocolate chips, oats, and coconut flakes get stuck into balls. So I saved the extra bits and used it all as a topping for plain Greek yogurt. It was an easy workday morning breakfast!

The original recipe is NOT gluten-free, but you can easily make it so by using gluten-free oats and checking to make sure all of your other ingredients are gluten-free, too.

If you want the original recipe for Nut Butter Balls, download the Month of Mama recipe booklet. It's all there!

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