Thursday, April 13, 2017

Cooksimple Chipotle Sorghum Pilaf Side Dish to Main Dish

At the NJ GFAF Expo last year, I received a sample of Cooksimple's Chipotle Sorghum Pilaf. It sat in my pantry for months before I finally decided to do something with it.

I turned it from a side dish into a main dish!

If you happened to see my Instagram Story about it several weeks ago, then you'll know what I did. Basically, I cooked up the pilaf according to the package directions. (The front of the box said it took five minutes, but the back of the box said it took 45 minutes! It was more like 40.)

Then, I sauted up some pre-cooked, sliced chorizo in a skillet. Once that was done, I added the chorizo to the pilaf. And that was it!

The spiciness of the chorizo was a nice combination with the pilaf's apples and sweet potatoes. I really like the blend of hot and sweet. But if chorizo is too spicy for you, I think you could easily use smoked sausage as a substitute. That would be really good!

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