Friday, March 31, 2017

What's New from FoodSaver

Last week I was invited to attend a media event in New York City for the FoodSaver brand. If you don't know, FoodSaver is the number one vacuum-sealing system designed to keep your food fresher longer, saving you money! On average, you can save up to $2700 per year, compared to ordinary food storage methods.

The event was exciting for two reasons. First, I got to see what was new from FoodSaver and how easy the new machines were to use! Second, I got to meet Food Network star Damaris Phillips! She gave us a cooking demo and should us how she uses the FoodSaver products!

But let's get to the real star of the event: the new FoodSaver Fresh Appliance. This thing is pretty cool because it will vacuum seal FoodSaver bags AND new FoodSaver Fresh Containers. You can use this system for anything you want to keep fresh in your fridge and pantry, and it will keep the food fresh up to two times longer than traditional storage containers.

This thing is so easy to use! If you watched my Instagram story from that day, then you'll have seen me use it! The Fresh Appliance adjusts up and down so that it fits over whatever size Fresh Container you're using (they come in three sizes) or bag. Then, you just press a button and it sucks out the air, leaving you free to do other things in the meantime. And it works quickly, stopping automatically when it's done.

This is something that is small enough to keep out on your countertop so that you can easily access it and use it whenever you need it. And I really think you'll be using it every day! It's just so easy! And when you've seen avocado slices kept fresh and not brown inside one of the vacuum-sealed bags, you will understand what a lifesaver this is! It might be an investment at about $99.99 (that includes the Fresh Appliance, Fresh Containers, and Zipper Bags), but you'll end up saving money in all that food that you're not wasting.

Another new product is an updated version of the original FoodSaver system: the FoodSaver FM5000, which is better suited for freezer storage. This retails for about $199.99, and it has a lot of new features that make it easier to use. It's got a vacuum view window so you can see where and how far to insert the end of the bag to make a seal. And you'll spend half as much time making bags thanks to the Express Bag Maker that pre-seals your next bag before you even need it! What you're seeing in this picture is a cool marinade feature that lets you marinade meat in minutes instead of hours!

Plus, there is open roll storage to help you know when you're running low on bags, and a lower roll position so you can use your counter as your work space.

I've never used a system like FoodSaver before, and I always thought, "Why do I need something like that?" But you know, after seeing it in action, I definitely understand why people use them. To know that my food is being kept fresh because air is being removed from the storage container or storage bag is just amazing! I don't have to worry about stuff going bad before I'm able to use it! I could prep foods on Sunday and have them just as fresh when we make and eat them later in the week! What a novel idea!

And like I said before, these items may seem expensive. $199 is NOT in our budget right now. But if you look at it as an investment that is actually going to save you money in the long run, then I think you could justify the expense. (Or if you are getting married soon and looking for things to add to the registry, might I suggest adding these? Then you can make someone else buy them for you!)

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