Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Christmas Card Wall Tree

So remember how last year I decorated clothespins with glitter so that I could make my Christmas card "garland" on my mantel a little more festive?

Well, this year, I REALLY pared down my holiday decorations and there is no Christmas card mantel "garland".

Instead, I decided to do something that I've seen numerous people do before: make a Christmas tree on my wall and "hang" Christmas cards from the tree.

I don't know what everybody else uses for their trees, but I happened to have FrogTape (green painter's tape) in my kitchen pantry because I use it for EVERYTHING. Yes, painting, of course. But I also use it to label containers of food, the organizational bins in my bathroom closet, etc. It doesn't peel off like masking tape or Scotch tape, which seems to be a problem for me, and it's easy to remove.

Like from a wall.

We have these big framed sections on the walls in our dining room/living room, so I figured the biggest one would be the perfect canvas for this. I just made a triangle shape out of the FrogTape, and then I tear off a small piece of the FrogTape to "hang" the Christmas cards.

Did I measure my tree before putting the FrogTape on the wall? No. I eyeballed it. Because that's just how I roll. But if you want yours to be JUST. SO. then you better break out measuring tape, I guess.

As you can see in the above picture, the baby is super impressed.

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