Monday, November 14, 2016

Sort of Rocco DiSpirito's South of the Border Scramble with Chorizo and Salsa

Before Pinterest came along, I used to tear out recipes from magazines or copy them down from cookbooks and save them in a binder so that I could eventually make them. Well, I still have that binder full of recipes I meant to make, and last week I decided to pull out a few of them and actually make them.

This one for Rocco DiSpirito's South of the Border Scramble with Chorizo and Salsa comes from his cookbook Now Eat This!

I say that this is "sort of" like his recipe because I followed it as closely as I could. Yes, we used liquid egg substitute, which my husband was wary of. I'm not sure if our chorizo sausage was reduced fat. There was literally ONE variety to choose from at my grocery store. I didn't use cilantro because I forgot to buy it. Our tortillas were just regular corn tortillas because I don't think they make carb-free tortillas that are also gluten-free. And there's no salsa on ours because I thought we had salsa at home but we didn't.

Oh well.

One other thing to note: we don't have a gas oven, so I wasn't able to flame-broil our tortillas. Instead I put them under the broiler. Don't forget to take them out of the broiler or you'll have burnt tortillas!! I don't know why I can never get the hang of the broiler.

Not sure if these will be going into our regular rotation. They turned out well despite the burnt edges, but I kind of like our regular non-breakfast tostadas better. Still, it was nice to change things up!

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