Monday, September 19, 2016

Meal Plan Monday - September 19

Even though I'm making meal plans, that doesn't mean everything always goes to plan. Like last week. I had to rearrange things when Monday night I went to make something that actually took eight hours to cook in the Crockpot.


And I bought baby spinach for something last week but I never used it. Have no idea why I bought it.

So we'll see how this week goes. Here's what's on the menu.

Sunday: chicken tacos (leftovers)

Monday: rotisserie chicken, mashed potatoes with gluten-free gravy, and corn

Tuesday: turkey burgers and fries

Wednesday: Sunny's Easy Chicken Parmesan

Thursday: rotisserie chicken BLT salad with cheddar cheese and ranch dressing

Friday: chicken strips, fries, and mini corn cobs

Saturday: baked penne alfredo with peas and bacon

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