Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Let's Go for a Walk! - Dog Scrapbook Page

Many years ago, I had a dog-themed scrapbook kit. And in order to use up the last few bits of it, I pre-made a couple pages with the intent to add pictures whenever I had them. It was a great idea, except one of those pre-made pages has been in my scrapbook stash ever since just waiting for the right photos to come along.

And now is finally the time!

These are my dog "sisters". I took this picture in May 2015 when I was visiting my parents for a long weekend. It's the only picture I took of the dogs during that trip, and this page was just right for a single picture. I simply put the picture on a solid orange cardstock background and then adhered that to the page. 

And voila! A scrapbook page done and something else out of my stash!

Feels good!

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