Monday, August 15, 2016

I Had a Good Day at BEA Scrapbook Page

I didn't get to go to Book Expo America this year, but I did get to relive my experience there last year when I put together this scrapbook page.

You know when you have paper in your stash that you think is cute so you don't throw it away but you honestly have no idea when you'll ever use it?

Yeah, that was this October Afternoon paper for me. But then I realized that this book-themed paper would be just perfect for scrapping about a book-themed convention!

I made the pocket at the bottom left of the page to hold the author autographs I received. The "I Had a Good Day at BEA" circle is actually a sticker I got at the show. And above that is part of my BEA badge. Next to that is a picture from that time when I met Christie Brinkley!

My daughter is going to look through my scrapbooks and think that mommy had some pretty sweet adventures before she was born. "But who is Christie Brinkley?" she'll ask.

If you've never been to BEA before, check out this post on why you should totally go!

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