Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Panda Nursery Theme

Even before we started trying to have a baby, I knew what I wanted the nursery theme to be. See, the baby's nursery is actually my old scrap room. When I painted my scrap room years ago, I chose a pretty green color because I thought that it was bright and creative, but I also thought it would work as a nice color if we ever had to change the room over into a nursery. Plus, it's green and it's neutral, so it wouldn't matter if we had a boy or a girl. (I really didn't want to repaint.)

So, what goes with green? I really, really, really love pandas. And what do pandas eat? Bamboo! And what color is bamboo? Green! (Right?) So going with pandas as a theme just made sense to me.

But finding panda nursery decor? Not so much. That's why I decided to stick with panda colors: black and white. I found black-and-white chevron sheets, a changing pad cover, and a laundry hamper from Babies "R" Us. And then, surprisingly, I started finding all these other cute panda things! It's like the universe knew I needed pandas!

I found this panda head at Target! My husband thinks it's scary, and the Target check-out lady thought it was a raccoon.... But I think it's super cute and funny. Plus, it goes great with our panda bear rug!

My mom found that at a garage sale! And then I found this panda bouncer from Summer Infant's Kiddopotamus brand at work!

I also got a ton of stuffed pandas at my baby showers. Some of them are small enough to be on display on the bookshelf (along with our panda lamp, which we ordered from Amazon).

And then here are the rest of the stuffed pandas. We're using the biggest panda in all of the baby's monthly pictures so we can track how big she's growing in relation to the giant panda.

And these cute pandas were made by my mom for my baby shower. They look cute hanging from the ceiling, and they sort of hide the water stains on the ceiling. (Thanks, previous owners!)

I also added a little black-and-white washi tape to this shadowbox that my mom gave me. It's supposed to house the baby's hospital band, booties, and cap, BUT our hospital threw the band away, the baby didn't wear booties, and her cap was WAY too big to fit on either side of the photos in the shadowbox. So I just decorated the sides with washi tape and used some Echo Park baby girl-themed stickers that my mom gave me to dress it up even more.

My mother-in-law cross-stitched this picture for us. Apparently, finding panda cross-stitch designs is NOT easy. I believe she said she had to order it from Canada. But it was well worth the effort to find it! It's a great fit with our decor.

There are still a few things I'd like to add as decor in the nursery, such as panda bear art made out of black and white buttons, but I'll get to that eventually. For now, I think we did a pretty good job of nailing the panda theme!

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