Thursday, March 17, 2016

Ornament Picture Frame

Here's another fun craft that you can make and give as a Christmas gift or any gift-giving occasion! I found this idea for an Ornament Picture Frame over at The House of Smiths.

I thought I had seen some clear ornament balls at Walmart during the holiday season, and I may have, but when I went to Walmart to shop their Christmas clearance stuff after Christmas, the clear ornament balls were nowhere to be found. So I turned to my trusty new friend Oriental Trading Company and found this set of 12 DIY Large Clear Christmas Ornaments. (Unfortunately, they were out of stock at the time this post was written, but hopefully they'll get more in stock soon!)

From there, I hit up my local Michael's. Because I was going to use a picture from my baby shower, I wanted something pink to put inside the ornament with the picture. Thank goodness I was shopping around the Easter season because I found this really pretty pink garland. Added to that, I found silver and iridescent (almost a light pink-ish) curling ribbon, and then because I liked the idea of displaying the ornament on a candlestick holder, I found small candlestick holders, too.

With all my supplies ready, it was time to put my ornaments together! I liked that the ornaments I had opened into two halves. It made inserting everything super easy.

First, I had to cut my picture to size. In hindsight, I would have printed this picture in wallet-size instead of 4x6 because it was difficult to crop the larger picture. But I managed. I also backed the picture with pink scrapbook paper and used sparkly pink American Crafts Thickers to mark the year the picture was taken.

Then, I cut pieces of the garland and carefully arranged the pieces inside the ornament. It did take me several attempts to get the garland to lay inside the ornament and around the picture the way I wanted.

Once I got everything inside the ornament they way I wanted, I tied the top of the ornament together using my curling ribbon. It's been so long since I curled ribbon! It's so much fun!

And then I just adhered my ornament to the candlestick holder using a glue dot (or two). I thought about doing craft glue, but figured the rounded bottom of the ornament would make it difficult to stick. I also considered using my glue gun, but the glue gun glue never holds permanently for me. It's so frustrating. So a glue dot seemed the easiest and quickest solution. Plus, if the ornament does fall off, just put down another glue dot. You won't be left with glue gun or tacky glue residue on your candlestick holder.

What do you think? This is a craft you can complete while watching your favorite 30-minute Food Network show! And isn't that what we all strive for? To multitask watching Trisha's Southern Kitchen and making a cool craft on a Saturday morning?

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