Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Honoring God in Red or Blue - Book Review

A co-worker gave me Dr. Amy E. Black's 2012 book Honoring God in Red or Blue: Approaching Politics with Humility, Grace, and Reason. I took one look at the book and thought, "This is something I'm either going to love or hate."

Good news! I loved it!

This is a very important book for Christians to read, especially during this election season with so many politicians claiming to be Christians. But are they really living out the Christian message?

If you're confused about who to vote for, how you can get involved in politics, and if you should get involved as a Christian, then this book will help you answer those questions and more.

This isn't a book that says one way is the right way. It's a book that says no matter what your political affiliation, no matter what candidate you agree with, no matter what your position is on certain matters, you must, must, MUST be informed and not attack those who believe differently from you. Not all Christians are going to have the same views, but that doesn't mean that there's no room for compromise or intelligent discussion.

I think the most important takeaway from this book for everyone, not just Christians, is to be INFORMED. It doesn't matter if you're voting in a presidential election or a local election. BE INFORMED. Just because something is said in an attack ad doesn't mean it's true. Just because you receive an email from a candidate telling you something, that doesn't mean it's true. Just because the pundits on Fox News say it doesn't mean it's true. (The same can be said for the pundits on MSNBC.) This book provides a variety of different resources that you can check out to check out the claims being made from all of these sources so that you can figure out for yourself what is true, what is an exaggeration, and what is a terrible lie.

There are even discussion questions at the end of each chapter, making this a great book to read with a book club or church group!

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