Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Portland 2015 Scrapbook Page

Here is another two-page layout from our New Hampshire/Maine trip last year.

When I say "Portland", I mean Portland, Maine. We have been to Portland, Oregon before, but not on this trip. It was a nice city, but we didn't have a whole lot of time to explore. We were just there before going to a minor league hockey game.

Here are close-ups (with better coloring) of each page.

Much like Paris, Portland also has a locks of love thing. These locks are chained to a chainlink fence. I don't think it's causing structural damage to anything. The city also has part of the Berlin Wall on display. We weren't totally sure how it managed to get a hold of that.

And then there's the Portland Pirates hockey team! They lost when we saw them, but we still had fun attending the game.

With the exception of the letter stickers, everything on this layout is from the Sassafras Lass Amplified collection or some other Sassafras Lass collection. I have a whole drawer of Sassafras Lass stuff, so I'm glad that I got to use up some of it. (I don't think this company is still around.)

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