Tuesday, December 8, 2015

4 Ways to Save Money on Scrapbook Tools

Holiday budget stretched thin? Don't have any spare cash this season to buy some much-needed scrapbooking supplies for yourself? (Because it's all much-needed!!) Here are some of the tricks I use so that I don't spend an arm and a leg on scrapbooking supplies.

1. Michael's coupons
Michael's is the best option for me in terms of a store that carries nothing but crafts and scrapbook stuff. The only problem? It's expensive! Thankfully, if I do have to purchase something at Michael's, I usually end up receiving a store coupon to use on my next purchase. These coupons could be 40 percent or 50 percent off one item.

There are some drawbacks to these coupons: They are only good for the following week, so you HAVE to go back quickly in order to redeem the coupon. Also, pay attention to store sales because the coupons are only good on regularly priced items. If you want to buy a scrapbook but the albums are already 30 percent off, then your coupon is no good. (This tends to happen to me often.)

2. Walmart
Target used to have a really great scrapbooking aisle, but then the store changed it to an arts & crafts aisle with an emphasis on kids' crafts. That's fine, but I miss the Target scrapbooking aisle! It was so pretty!

However, Walmart actually has a pretty decent scrapbooking aisle that is perfect if you're on a budget. I actually saw a gold chevron American Crafts/Project Life binder album there for $9.99!

The actual selection will vary by store. The above picture was taken at my local Walmart, but there is another Walmart a few miles farther that I think has a better scrapbooking aisle. So shop around at all the Walmarts near you until you find one that has a good selection to meet your needs. I would definitely say, for me, Walmart is the go-to place for page refills, albums, and cardstock paper packs.

3. TJ Maxx
This store is pretty hit or miss for just about everything it sells, but if you find yourself near one, it's worth it to take a peek in its stationery/home aisle to see what scrapbook stuff is available. This aisle is usually near the back of the store, and if there aren't any scrapbook tools available, then it can be hard to find. I went the other day and only found some embellishments and stamps, but on a good day, I've found Studio Calico paper packs and American Crafts Thickers!

4. Big Lots
Though Big Lots is also hit or miss, I've found some really great page kits, albums, and American Crafts Thickers here! Right now, my local Big Lots had NOTHING scrapbook-related. I think because there were about 10 aisles dedicated to Christmas stuff so the store's plan-o-gram was a little off. But again, if you find yourself near a Big Lots, just pop in and see what they've got!

What tricks do you use when buying your scrapbooking supplies? Know of any good discount websites or stores that carry discounted supplies? Share in the comments!

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