Thursday, November 12, 2015

The Do-Right - Book Review

Lisa Sandlin's novel The Do-Right is as much a detective story as it is a story about redemption and freedom.

When Delpha Wade gets released from prison after serving a 14-year sentence for murdering one of the men who raped her, she needs a job and a place to live. Through the kindness of strangers and her parole officer, she finds a room at the New Rosemont Hotel in exchange for looking after the owner's dying grandmother in the evenings and working during the day as a secretary for a newly minted private investigator.

The P.I., named Tom Phelan, has embarked on this new career after an accident working on an oil rig. He has just as much to prove to his friends and family - many who work in law enforcement - as Delpha has to prove to herself and anybody who might look down on her given her past.

Together, Tom and Delpha take on some cases, but even when the cases are considered closed, their instincts tell them there is more to the story. Just who was the woman claiming to be a cheating husband's wife and what does it have to do with the recent lawsuit between two chemical companies? And what does anyone involved in that have to do with the other rapist whom Delpha didn't kill?

If you like a good noir-ish detective story with lots of plots twists, then you'll like this book. You'll want there to be more cases for these two characters to work on and solve together.

The Do-Right is published by Cinco Puntos Press and is available on bookstore shelves now. I received a free ARC at Book Expo America with no obligation to review.

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