Thursday, November 26, 2015

Baby Scrapbook Pages

Today we are thankful for Babies Junior.

And here are two recent scrapbook pages chronicling our experiences early on in my pregnancy via ultrasound pictures.

Here is the journaling on the above layout, "Baby?": This was our second ultrasound picture and the one that confirmed my due date and proved there was a baby in there! The first ultrasound was done too early (4 weeks) so all we saw was an empty sac. My doctor was concerned because according to the pregnancy calculator, I should have been 8 weeks. Also, my thyroid levels were slightly elevated, so she told me to do another ultrasound in two weeks and call if I started bleeding. Yikes! But I didn't bleed, and two weeks later, there was our little baby inside the sac on the screen!

And the pictures in "Womb with a View" are from our third ultrasound at our 11-13-week nuchal translucency ultrasound. (I stole the title of this layout from my mom.) The journaling for this reads: We went in for our next ultrasound to make sure the baby was growing at a normal pace and to get the results of our Down Syndrome risk assessment. Everything looked good! Low risk of chromosomal abnormalities. And Babies Jr. was SUPER active on the ultrasound screen.

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