Friday, October 2, 2015

Wimbledon Scrapbook Pages

Back to our summer vacation from last year! We took a side trip from London and visited Wimbledon for a lovely afternoon getting a VIP tour of all the places we'll never be able to afford to go on the grounds of this tennis campus. What was great about this tour was that it was part of our London Pass, so all we had to do was flash our London Pass card, and we got the tour and access to the museum for no extra charge.

I had a lot of pictures from Wimbledon, but I had to cut them down and then I had to cut THOSE down to keep it to just three pages. To create these pages, I used up some paper from my stash. I also included the 3D glasses we got in the museum because I thought they were fun and they included some fun Wimbledon trivia.

I always find it hard to work a bunch of pictures on one or two pages. Usually I check my Scrapbook Pinterest board for multi-pic inspiration, but for this one, I just sort of went with it. I think I really just wanted to make some progress on this scrapbook album no matter the cost. It will be done ... soon!

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