Thursday, October 22, 2015

It's Not What You Think - Book Review

I read Jefferson Bethke's first book Jesus > Religion, and so was super excited to check out his follow-up.

In It's Not What You Think, Bethke challenges your notion of Western Christianity. Today's Christianity is self-centered, not God-centered. There's a skewed notion of what being a Christian means, and Bethke's book points out how wrong all of that really is, using scripture as a reference point.

The Bible narrative is God-centered, not about self-centeredness. Christianity is about an intimate relationship with God, not worshiping God from afar. Christianity is about community, not separating ourselves from our neighbors. Christianity is about setting aside time as sacred, not setting aside time to waste on Facebook. It's about pausing to be present. Christianity is about creating Heaven on Earth by doing God's will, not sitting around and waiting to get to Heaven.

Once again, here is a book that all Christians should read but that those Christians who really need to read it probably won't. Maybe if enough buzz surrounds this book and its message, it will open the ears and, ultimately, the minds of Western Christianity.

If you're looking for your next Bible study or small group book, I would recommend this one.

It's Not What You Think is published by Thomas Nelson and is on bookstore shelves now. I received a free ARC from BEA with no obligation to review.

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