Monday, June 15, 2015

The Case of the Sin City Sister - Book Review

A nun. In Las Vegas. Solving mysteries? That's the premise of the novel The Case of the Sin City Sister, the second book in Lynne Hinton's Divine Private Detective Agency Mystery Series.

Sister Eve returns in this book, and she's on a sabbatical from the abbey to figure out if she should remain a nun or continue working with her father's detective agency. During this time off, two cases present themselves to Eve and her father: the case of a miner who went missing in 1891 and the case of Eve's missing sister, Dorisanne.

When Eve can't get in touch with Dorisanne, Eve begins to worry that something has happened to Dorisanne and her husband, Robbie. The search brings Eve to Vegas where, with the help of a family friend, Eve uncovers clue after clue, but will she also uncover her sister?

I didn't read the first book in this series, Sister Eve Private Eye, but I almost wish I had just because I felt like I needed more background on Sister Eve. I had a little trouble understand who she was, how long she'd been a nun, and even what she looked like because that information wasn't clearly presented right off the bat. I guess I had expected a Miss Marple-esque character. I mean, Eve's a nun, right? She must be old and walk around in her habit all the time while she's off playing detective. But now. Sister Eve is in her mid-30s, wears jeans on sabbatical, and rides a motorcycle without a helmet. I'm sure you trust God to protect you, but I think God also wants you to protect yourself, especially if you're going to speed!

The ending of this book doesn't answer the question of will Eve remain a nun or not? But I'm thinking that Eve fits in better in the secular world than in an abbey.

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