Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Pick Your Own Strawberries + Recipe

At the beginning of June, a friend of mine and I went to pick our own strawberries at Donaldson Farms in New Jersey. You can bring your own container or purchase containers for as little as 25 cents. 

I had never picked strawberries before, so I didn't know at all what to expect. It's back-breaking work! You've got to bend over to pick the strawberries from the little plants close to the ground. But this farm had lots of lusciously red berries ready for the pickin', and we had a good time filling up our containers with fresh berries.

I ended up getting about two pounds of strawberries, which was perfect for making a strawberry cobbler recipe that I found in Everyday with Rachael Ray.

The original recipe for Chocolate-Dipped Strawberry Cobbler can be found online here. It's not a gluten-free recipe, so I had to adapt it by using gluten-free all-purpose flour. Maybe it was because I used this different flour, but instead of using 1 cup of flour, I needed to use 2 cups because the biscuit dough consistency was just too liquidy. I actually thought it might have been a misprint because I usually don't have trouble doing 1:1 substitutions with the gluten-free all-purpose flour, but I will assume that the editors at Everyday with Rachael Ray know what they're doing.

The cobbler wasn't as sweet as I had hoped. Maybe that was due to the cocoa powder. But I still enjoyed it. The strawberries themselves were sweet, and I liked the chocolate chips in the drop biscuits on top. If you make this (with pick-your-own or store-bought strawberries), let me know! I'd love to find out how yours turned out.

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