Wednesday, June 10, 2015

More Happy Than Not Blog Tour

Today I'm participating in the More Happy Than Not blog tour through Soho Teen. More Happy Than Not is a new YA novel by Adam Silvera that comes out this month.

I actually picked up an advance review copy of this novel at the Book Club Speed Dating session I attended at Book Expo America, so I had the chance to read the novel before posting in this blog tour.

In the book, Aaron is a teenager who has gone through some tragedy. When he meets Thomas, things start to look up for Aaron. He's got a friend to hang out with while his girlfriend is away at art camp, and Aaron and Thomas become really close. Thomas also helps Aaron understand more about who he, Aaron, is and that's more scary than anything else. So much so that Aaron contemplates undergoing a memory-erasing procedure so that he can forget meeting Thomas and hide a truth about himself.

Just as I was beginning to groan about the seeming lack of development in the change in relationship between Aaron and Thomas, part three of the book totally smacked me in the face, and suddenly, parts one and two of the book all made sense!!

This is definitely an important book for teens today to read, however, there's a lot of cursing, underage drinking, and sexual situations. This YA novel doesn't have a specific age range, but if it was made into a movie as is, the MPAA would rate it R for language alone. I'm all for "writing real" and reflecting what's really happening instead of presenting an unrealistic and unrelatable story, but the cursing did get very old after awhile.

But now onto why I'm really posting in this blog tour! I'm here to share with you what makes ME more happy than not.

Right now, I would say that it's my yoga classes, even when I'm losing my balance in half-moon pose. I really enjoy the way I feel after taking a class and that they are a nice break in the middle of the workday.

What makes YOU more happy than not??

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