Thursday, May 14, 2015

Missouri History

So a few weekends ago, I got 75 photos printed at Walgreens. 75!! It was a lot of pictures, and that was AFTER I had whittled the total number down! I couldn't whittle any more, so I decided to take all 75 pictures and just use up some of my photo pocket pages to make easy and quick layouts with all of these pictures. Here's the first one I did.

These are pictures from the Daniel Boone Home in Defiance, Missouri. When we were in St. Louis over Christmas, we got our fill of Missouri history! The tour of this house was good, although a little long-winded. (Please, people, stop asking so many questions on these tours!!)

I had one picture that wasn't vertical, but I didn't mind placing it in this all-vertical page. Just turn your head to look at it!!

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